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The Stocking

No Name Stocking

No Name Stocking ūüė¶







The first of my two winter projects was on a timeline to be done before Christmas.

Here is my granddaughter’s last years stocking, no name, no shiny sequins. Her sad little face didn’t understand. She asked why?

In my¬†previous blog Winter Projects,¬†I explained to her, I didn’t¬†know if they even made the kits for those stockings anymore. Both my son’s stockings were stitched¬†over twenty-six¬†years ago. (When my eyes and patience were much better.)

UGH! Could I do it, even with the cheaters and the lighted magnifying glass?

There¬†were hundreds of minuscule beads that had to fit over the itty bitty holes in the centers all those sequins. I swear to you the¬†extra thin needle had no flippin’ eye. The embroidery floss was¬†thinner than I remembered – for sure. And then they want you to separate the already thin six strands down to one for attaching the sequins. REALLY!

I poked, tweaked, licked the thread a million times and even with the lighted magnifying glass it would not go through the supposed hole. After about ten minutes of heavy sighing, groans, and growls,  by some miracle the thread found its way.

I enjoyed all the stitching, stuffing and appliqueing. It was the stupid needle, thread, and trying to pick-up and find the hole in the bead that about drove me crazy.  My record for sewing/attaching  sequins and beads was twenty-two in forty-five minutes.

Once I put my mind to something, it gets done, but it usually it don’t take me a year and a half to complete.

Twelve days before Christmas Eve, DONE . . . Whew! Happy Dance!

Well, when it comes to the best granddaughter in the world, how could there have ever been a doubt? Now hopefully Grace will remember our conversation and she will be excited too!


With Time to Spare!

With Time to Spare!

IMG_2704 (384x640)

IMG_2709 (640x461)








After the holiday season¬†I can think about¬†the second exploit¬†on my winter to-do list. I want¬†to create a unique collage of about fifty old black and white photographs¬†of my ancestors, on both Mom and Dad’s sides. The photo’s are mostly mystery people to me, but are fabulous in appearance and date back into the twenties.

If you have done something or have seen someone else’s idea for old pictures, please share in an email or the comment section.

This photograph below was in the box of family pictures in my parent’s basement along with many more that fascinate me. I can’t let them stay in that dark box to be ruined or tossed away someday. Thus¬†my inspiration¬†for the next project. Even if I don’t know who they are, I think it will be fun to speculate and comment on the styles of the times. But deep down I know if these people were never born, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m filled with love and gratitude every time I go through these treasures.

Until 2015…I wish all of you a blessed Christmas and a fun, safe, New Year’s Eve.

Anyone recognize this person?

She's Lovely

Isn’t She Lovely


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Winter Projects!

Winter Projects!.

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