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Lilac Sniffin’ & Cloud Painting

Things you may or may not know.

Lilacs are my favorite flower.

I wish they blossomed all summer but their fragrant blooms only last about three weeks in the spring.

The foliage makes a nice privacy fence along our alley and hides the wood pile in the summer season.

Things you can do with lilacs;

Sniff them

Cut them for arrangements

Because their wood is dense their trunks and branches have been used to create musical instruments. Their wood is also used to make assorted handles to a variety of items, like knives.

You can even eat the flowers if you so choose. (I would much rather sniff them.)

Sniffin' lilacs all morning

Sniffin’ lilacs all morning, it’s addictive



Yes, I have work to do. I keep getting distracted.




Fabulous Blooms This Year

Fabulous Blooms This Year


I think this is the best year for blossoms yet.




Lilacs can be pruned right after blooming, but not too much or they won’t bloom the following season. (Hmm, I wonder how I know this? I’ll just say it wasn’t me who is guilty of the over trimming deed.)

You can share a bit of trivia  with whoever will listen . . . lilacs and the olive are relatives. (Who would’ve thought?)

These spring blooming bushes are quick-growing and durable in way below zero freezing winters.

Lilacs can live to be over a hundred years old.

The clouds entertained me today while I was on my walk.

Should Have Been Fishing

Photo by M. M. S. 5/14/15


Probably shouldn’t have done so much sniffin’ and gone fishing!





Search and Find

Search and Find


Loved all the soft feathered swirls, I tripped twice trying to walk with my head tilted toward the sky.




Until next week my friends. Thank you for dropping by and sharing my blogs. Hopefully, I will be able to share some BIG news with you soon.


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Words Springing Forth

Having Fun With Words This Morning 

(I couldn’t help myself, I put the lines in alphabetical order, there’s probably a word for that kind of behavior.)

Thinking About Spring © 

A holiday resort with a tennis court

Barbecues and panoramic views

Birds with twigs and new fishing rigs

Garage sales or maybe fish to scale

Longer days, catching some rays

Morel mushrooming, trees blooming,

Petunia plants and please go away house ants

Pontoons afloat, the perfect antidote

Shows with crafts or floating on rafts

Soil to plow, grab your seeds now

Sprouts begin to grow fresh lawns to mow

Take a hike or catch a pike

Tree buds and slushy muds

Waterfall trunk, some wine being drunk

New Driftwood Fountain

New Driftwood Fountain







The Things I Don’t Like About Spring

Fertilizer, pollen and Cottonwood Trees

They make me sneeze!








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Our Sunken Dock

Our Sunken Dock.

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Our Sunken Dock

Our sunken dock sounds a bit classy, maybe like a sunken garden, a kitchen, or sunken wine cellar?  Not Quite! There is nothing classy about it. It’s more like trashy.

Our Memorial Weekend at the Lake-House

We pulled in the driveway around 8:30 pm.

The spectacular sunset was in full progress.

Our new front porch solar lights winked on to welcome us.

Our fire pit was stacked with wood and ready to burn.

Cold beverages were chilled and calling our name. Yep, life is good in this bountiful country we live in.

(An extra Thank you to all U.S. Veterans this past Memorial Weekend and everyday.)

After unloading we grabbed some drinks and stepped out onto the deck. It is my favorite view. Across from our deck I see a variety of bright green leaves of various sizes indicating spring is in full bloom.  The geese are honking, ducks are landing, dragonflies are hatching, frogs have begun to sing. All of this causing my eyes to fill and my heart to swell with immense gratitude. I glance over to my husband to see if he is feeling the same way. He is staring down the hill, toward our dock, tight lipped, scrunched face. My eyes follow his squinted stare.

“Aren’t the fish supposed to be swimming below the dock, not over the dock,” he says shaking his head.

I gasp. It was two weekends ago my husband and I propped the dock posts on fitted cement blocks below the water. We had assumed the frozen lake shifted the posts causing the wooden 4 x 4’s to move off of the blocks.  He is such an early riser and was out in the water way before I got up. When he saw me standing on the deck he said he could use some help . . . so, I put on my crocks and went in the frigid water to help him . . .  even before a cup of coffee.  (And no –  he will never hear the end of it-before coffee-come-on-seriously). Anyway,  we were proud of what we had accomplished on that trip.  All four corners were now above water. It could use some paint sometime this summer and other than that it was a fine looking dock.

This trip, we were stumped. We had expected the water to get lower, not higher. Besides the dock being lopsided for a second time, it is now entirely submerged, it’s not functional, and is an eye-sore.

We  enjoyed a roaring fire and the star filled sky.  But, I’m sure my husband was thinking all along about how to raise the dock, replace the dock, fix the dock, make it into a floating dock or maybe he was thinking, we could burn the darn thing . Yep, he had a busy mind and likes to get things done-now. I had already warned him I wasn’t getting in that water before my morning coffee and walk. The next day the sun was shining and he decided to join me on the path.

During our walk  we discovered our dock wasn’t the only one with problems. The lake had rose so high it was even with the walking path and over it in some lower areas. Fish look a bit odd swimming between tender young blades of grass and hiding beneath the yellow blooms of dandelions. The majority of the docks in the resort were under water and or damaged worse than ours. The owners said it was the worst flooding they had in twelve years due to the large amount of snow and torrential storms in the past couple of weeks.

Later that day and the next, my husband was once again in the murky water doing what he could to get the dock level, not caring if it was still beneath the water. The dock was almost floating and he was able to move the cement blocks beneath the posts without my help. The dock is a bit higher now, level once again, and we spotted some dry areas on it before we left Monday morning.

The owners are supposed to drain some of the water from the lake on Wednesday, which makes me wonder if our dock will shift again or will it settle directly onto the cement blocks that are below each of  the posts? Of course they will line up!

Thinking positive!

All in all we enjoyed a wonderful three day sunshine-filled  weekend. With only two not-so-good things. The sunken dock and a found leech between someone’s toes. (hint: not mine) EWWWW!

Both docks under

Sunken Docks

Fish swimming over

Fish swimming over

See my husband?

Can you find my husband?

Yay, Dry Areas

Yay, Dry Areas

One more cast

One more cast

IMG_1727 (640x480)

Fabulous Fire and Fun



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Anything Spring-Please

Anything Spring-Please.


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Anything Spring-Please

Even after this record-breaking long frigid winter, I can’t imagine living in an environment where there is little or no seasonal change.

As with each new Michigan season, I am  excited to experience the first signs.

In Winter; It’s the first large wet snow flakes, and our crackling fires in the wood-stove.

In Autumn; It’s the breath-taking beauty of the trees and their vivid transformations, the sounds and scents of leaves crunching beneath my feet.

In Summer; Its being outdoors, bare feet, tank tops, long walks by the water, and fresh garden veggies.

In SPRING ;  It’s the first brave flowers, budding trees and bushes, the birds bathing in the melted snow, open windows and sprouts in the garden.

Being outside in nature has always inspired me to write. I’ve written many stories and poems having to do with the outdoors. I enjoy dabbling in poetry and do so quite often. I rarely share my poems with anyone, but since I promised last week I would-I will and here are two in honor of this long-awaited season. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed creating them.

These poems are parts of larger seasonal pieces I’ve written. I figured you’d only want the spring version right now and I can’t say I blame you.

Michigan Seasons (parts 1 of 4)


They sprout, they open, and almost sing

The earth surrenders

The crocus

Proclaim  it’s —- Spring


Awhile back, I read about a two-word poetry challenge. I have this no-control infatuation with words and found this to be immensely fun and rewarding.

Give it try. I hope you find it as entertaining as I do. I would love to read your poem(s). Share below if you’d like.

(Pick any subject and write two words that connect/dance/flow/ together, using ten or twelve lines. No other rules. Here’s mine.)

SPRING HAS SPRUNG (parts 1 of 4)

Budding Branches

Chillin Crocus

Daffodil Dances

Gushy Grass

Pollen Puffs

Sowing Seeds

Ruthless Referees

Tilling Turf

Whopper Worms

Wrangling Robins

Bursting Blooms

Puddle Pools



The Earth Surrenders


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Spring Forward

Shamrock Plant

They made this one just for me.

My heart is feeling lighter with March’s arrival. The excitement began last week with the Oscars. I thought they were entertaining, then fat Tuesday well, I’ll just say that’s a good name for it. This Sunday, March 9th, is the day we SPRING forward an hour. I welcome the extra daylight hours. Oh yeah, bring on the sunshine and dry streets and sidewalks. I can not wait to walk outside again without the fear of slipping on ice. Then there’s St. Patrick’s Day, one of my favorites. I’m a half-blood on my mom’s side. She always made St. Pat’s Day special.  My taste buds are doing a jig thinking about corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread.  And what would this holiday be without a green beverage? Hmm, an organic green juice or a green beer? Tough decision . . .

As we prepare for all of our Michigan seasons as they approach, I’m especially looking forward to the planning of this one.

Here’s the beginning of my list, or chart as they call it in Jersey.       ;>)

In preparation for SPRING…

  1. I’m starting a herb garden.
  2. Picked up paint sample cards for the family room
  3. Gotta have a shamrock plant, a purple one of course
  4. Find the lilac pump soap and candles
  5. Put out the tulip dish towels
  6. Working on spring poems (will share on my March 20th blog)
  7. I already bought a new pastel watercolor top to wear on March 20th, the first day of Spring (I think I may do this for all the first days of our changing seasons. Hey, this could become a seasonal top-buying trend. What do you think?)
Spring Top

Even if it snows!






What are you doing to celebrate this long-awaited SPRING this year?

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