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Introducing Mickey and Hip Hop

HAPPY NEW YEAR– Here’s hoping everyone has a bright and healthy 2015!

About a New Book and its Author

A bit of a teaser-Mickey is not a mouse and Hip Hop isn’t a bunny.

One person I know for sure is excited to begin 2015 and that is my cousin, one very sweet author, Christine Shannon. Her debut children’s picture book (ages 6-8, 32 pages) made its first appearance in December 2014, and is now available through Amazon. She is looking forward to getting her book into the hands of many children. Mickey and Hip Hop (a boy and his frog) is a book about best buds and letting go. Chris does a nice job of easing the pain of this truth.

It's finally here!

It’s finally here!







We had a lovely breakfast one morning and she shared her excitement with me and of course I bombarded her with a million questions. Here are Chris’s answers to several of them.

1) What gave you the idea of writing a children’s book?
 (CS) I was talking with my neighbor, a retired doctor, one day after I retired from the banking industry and he said “Ya know, you should write a book.”  I laughed and said okay, I will. I thought about it and to my surprise the story just popped into my head. It’s about a boy and his pet frog.  The writing, story, and publishing all transpired from that point.
2) Is there something you wished someone would have told you before you self-published?
 (CS) No.  I’m really satisfied with self-publishing.  It’s a great learning experience.
3) Are you ready to entice us with your second book?
 (CS) I have one that I’m working on and two others in mind, all for children.
4) Will you go with the same publisher?
 (CS) Unfortunately, my publisher is putting her publishing business on hold for now and is pursuing other avenues in the writing world.
5) What do think is the best thing you have learned from this experience?
 (CS) A little bit of everything that involves the process of writing and publishing a book.
6) What part of this journey have you enjoyed the most and why?
 (CS) The achievement of writing a story that a child can read and enjoy.
Paperback Cover

Front Cover

Back Cover

Back Cover






Author & Illustrator

Author & Illustrator

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Under the Windowsill

Under the Windowsill

I’d like you to meet, Elizabeth Wehman an inspirational writer.

She was kind enough to answer a few questions about her debut novel, Under the Windowsill, which premiered in August 2014.  The story is set in the lovely Mackinaw Island with plenty of unexpected twists and turns and certainly ramps up the emotions throughout.

Q & A

1) How did this story “Under the Windowsill” come to you?

EW – I started “Under the Windowsill” in 2010. Many books come from the perspective of a girl running away from home due to neglect or abuse. I wondered what could happen to a young, innocent girl who might leave a good home. Someone who wanted to just run away to experience life on her own. To have her leaving be more effective, my character would have to somehow hide, as a result of overprotective brothers and a controlling mother. To completely disappear, she’d have to change her looks, personality and even her character. Turn into a completely different person. Thus, Kenna was created.

2) Can you tell us about that certain scene or part of the book that is extra special to you and why?

EW – There were many favorite parts. If they were good scenes and I liked them, I was pretty sure my readers would like them as well. As I created scenes, I measured each one according to this standard. This resulted in many favorite scenes. Yet, I think the favorite for me was one of the last ones I wrote and also the first. As Erik came over the hill, driving his team, and watched Kenna walk to the docks with her brother, I fell in love with that scene. At first I wanted him to react differently, yet I knew if I had him hold back, my last scene would be even better. I also loved having a sexy, trying to be cool young woman step into manure. My second favorite.

3) What is your favorite childhood book and why?

EW – Top favorite of childhood books for me is definitely the Laura Ingalls Wilder series. Hands down. Loved all of the books so much that I read each one over and over. My family also went to see their houses, out west, on a vacation one year. Unfortunately, I haven’t read much this year. But one of my recent favorite reads was, “The Sin Eater.” It wowed me because I didn’t have a clue how the title could create a story, but it was wonderful.

4) I’ve heard the rumor that you have another novel in the works…can you give us a peek inside?

EW – I hope to write a novel each winter for the next few years. Not sure if I can do this, but I’m going to give it my best try. This winter I am working on another contemporary fiction about two elderly sisters who are forced to live together due to illness. One is a democrat and the other a republican. I have about 12 chapters written so far. Hopefully, it will be for sale sometime in the spring or early summer of 2015.

5) What is the most important message or reason you want to portray in your writing?

EW – My ultimate message for each of my books is an inspirational one. The most important part of my life is my faith in God. If I can, in some small or large way, point someone to see how great God is or how important He can be in their life…then my writing is finding my intended purpose. He can bring eternal hope and fill voids in your life that nothing here on earth can do. Having a personal relationship with Him is equal to nothing this earth has to offer. One of my favorite verses is Psalm 34:8, part of that reads, “Taste and see that the Lord is good…” I believe that and I hope my writing helps others “taste God” and find out clearly that He is good.

6) Can you tell us what you liked and didn’t like about the self-publishing process and if there is anything you will do different the next time around?

EW – I have always believed that the only way to publish a book is through a traditional route. For the past 20 years as I headed  down the traditional publishing path. One year, as a newspaper reporter, I interviewed a self-published author and he was having great success at it. That started me thinking that I could maybe consider that route for myself. Self-publishing is now a viable path for many writers, more so now than ever. Throughout my entire writing career, I wanted to avoid the “cookie cutter” writing conference writer which often deleted creativity and uniqueness of a writer. As the new year began, I decided to ask a major editor regarding the subject and told her I thought I would self-publish my first book and go the traditional route with my second. She thought that would be a good start for me. Now that I have self-published “Under the Windowsill,” I truly believe this is the only route for me. I’ve sold nearly 300 books in a two month period. My goal isn’t to become a ‘best selling’ author, so this route has worked great for me. My book is seeping into the lives of many people and so far it has proved successful for me. The best part, I haven’t had to share my earnings with an agent or a publishing house. Writers work hard for their earnings. I am also thankful to have a marketing degree, which has become so valuable through this process.

Thank you Elizabeth for sharing your debut novel journey with us here today on Writing Naturally. 

Author, Elizabeth Wehman

Author, Elizabeth Wehman


If you are interested in finding out what happens “Under the Windowsill” you can order your copy through Amazon or contact Elizabeth through her email….





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