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On this frigid day of January 7th, 2018, many people gathered to pray for World Peace at Unity Chapel of Southgate. By the presence that enveloped me and the facial expressions I observed, I have no doubt that many hearts were moved in a unique and special way, both in the chapel and all over the entire world. It was an honor and a pleasure to meet, greet, and share refreshments with all our loving sisters and brothers from different cultures and religions. We are all connected and we are one.


Peace Prayers were asked  or chanted in several languages, Lakota, English, Polish, Hebrew, Baha’i, (Farsi) Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, French, Islamic, (Arabic) Hungarian and Hawaiian. I felt humbled and also felt it to be a privilege to be invited to share an original peace prayer that I had written for last year’s service among the resplendent ethnic prayers presented.



I have faith that there were people on the other side of the globe shaking their heads in wonder, maybe with an onset of unexpected tears, openness, a comfort or loving warmth, as they felt God’s peace wash over them today. The sentiments were well articulated and focused and I believe all of our souls felt the intensity of the prayers being asked and answered.



Well, you know about best laid plans, sometimes our plans don’t match God’s. I had intended to read last year’s peace prayer titled, “We Can,” until Friday evening. I sat alone snuggled in my cozy blanket, listening to the fire crackle, and soft music while watching the flames flicker in our woodstove when suddenly I realized there was such peace in my heart, that it overwhelmed me to tears. I wished everyone in the whole world could feel what I was feeling in that moment, such love, such gratitude, and such peace. I noticed my notebook and pen that sat on the table and began to write. When I read what I had written the next morning I knew I was meant to share this peace prayer poem at church on Sunday.

I’ve copied the prayer below if you have a desire to read it, pray it, or share it.


Wishing You Peace Within and A Happy New Year to All

Unity Chapel of Southgate, World Peace Prayer Service 1-6-18

Prayer by M. M. Scheidel



We are one – Humankind

Connected through life force, prana, and our Mind

We are one

One world, we are all diverse

Yet connected throughout the universe

We are one

Our eye and skin color may differ

But all our veins carry that almighty red river

We are one

We share in our God’s love and creation

Peace among us is our visualization

We are one

Let’s place our hands over our hearts

This is where it truly all starts

We are one

Close your eyes, take a deep inhale, now let it go

Envision the peace within that you know, feel it, let it flow.

We are one

Let this sensation caress every part of your being,

Enjoy it . . .  now send it to your hands for freeing

We are one

Inhale, let it go, open your eyes, as you raise your hands

We ask  that these precious moments of peace fill all God’s lands.

We are one

And so it is – Amen



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Words Springing Forth

Having Fun With Words This Morning 

(I couldn’t help myself, I put the lines in alphabetical order, there’s probably a word for that kind of behavior.)

Thinking About Spring © 

A holiday resort with a tennis court

Barbecues and panoramic views

Birds with twigs and new fishing rigs

Garage sales or maybe fish to scale

Longer days, catching some rays

Morel mushrooming, trees blooming,

Petunia plants and please go away house ants

Pontoons afloat, the perfect antidote

Shows with crafts or floating on rafts

Soil to plow, grab your seeds now

Sprouts begin to grow fresh lawns to mow

Take a hike or catch a pike

Tree buds and slushy muds

Waterfall trunk, some wine being drunk

New Driftwood Fountain

New Driftwood Fountain







The Things I Don’t Like About Spring

Fertilizer, pollen and Cottonwood Trees

They make me sneeze!








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skeleton-clip-art-LiKqEnzia (325x325)

For your entertainment-a bit of exercise and a poem.






Bones are good for many things like, boiling, broiling, and gnawing.

You can pick a bone, bury a bone, create arrow heads from bones, throw your dog a bone, name your band Bone, or break a bone. (Please forget that last one!)



M.M. Scheidel


Our body is made up of 206 bones

Babies have over 300  known


They fuse together as children grow

To create human structure, head to toe


Over half our bones are in our hands and feet

These four limbs are the ones we tend to mistreat


So guess where most breaks occur

It doesn’t matter if you are a him or her


If you’re extra careful and alert

Possibly you’ll remain unhurt


You can believe me when I say

Casts and crutches make it hard to play








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Fall In Love Again!

Fall In Love Again!.

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Fall In Love Again!


Every year this happens. I don’t think I want summer to end, and then I realize if it didn’t, I couldn’t experience the phenomenal wonders of our Michigan fall.

Everyday as I walk the trees that canopy over the streets, change.

My eyes dart high and low. I try to take in all the hues.

My heart beats faster, and my breathes come quick.

I’m so anxious, I have all the symptoms of being lovesick.


Yep, I did it, I went and fell in love again. Ugh!


Here’s a quick poem I was inspired to write this morning.


by, M.M.Scheidel

There’s a nip in the air.


Summer has left with flair

The dress rehearsals have begun.

Ooooh and Ahhhhh!

These actors will not be outdone

Last minute chromatic costume changes in progression.

No Hurry

The Michigan seasons are all about self-expression

Soon the final glissade to each leaf’s destiny will arrive.

In Time

Its legacy- to compost so others may live and survive.





Autumn Arrived

Autumn Arrived

Ready or Not!

Ready or Not!


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My First Poetry Reading

Total Health Foods has added a poetry reading night to their calendar. It’s held every other Thursday from 8 to 10 pm in-between the store and the juice bar.

It is not unusual for me to be in my Pj’s and curled up on the sofa by that time, but after several months of seeing flyers and receiving emails for this event, it had ignited my curiosity.

I thought it would be interesting to go and listen sometime, maybe meet some local writers.  Only after much contemplation and yawning I decided to forego the jammies last Thursday evening, and am thrilled I did.

My husband scared me a bit talking the  beatniks  of the late fifties, sixties and seventies and their loud colorful ways of poetic expression . . .  but I thought, what the heck, quit wondering and check it out.

I don’t consider myself a poet, although I thoroughly enjoy writing poems along with reading poetry books. I have written several that have mostly written themselves. They did not give me a choice. Two of them woke me in the middle of night.  I chose two of these poems to take to the reading, even though I had no intention of sharing them.

My thinking was to go, sit in the back, and listen for a while, and if I felt uncomfortable I would sneak out early. Little did I know that I would be the first one there and almost the last one to leave.

There were a few surprises in-store for me.

My first surprise was that I was the only woman there until almost the end. Bridgette, the person who usually leads the group, was out-of-town and had asked Chico to sub for her. He was happy to do so and was a perfect choice with his outgoing, friendly personality making everyone feel welcome and comfortable.

My second surprise was after I introduced myself, Chico asked what kind of poetry I liked to write. Of course that discussion led to my writing for Family, Fish and Game and how I loved to write about the outdoors. He asked if I hunted or fished which led him to say with excited recollection, “I don’t fish much anymore, but me and some buddies used to go to this amazing place up north. We caught tons of fish.”

“Where?” I asked.

You already know the answer, right? My beloved Fletcher’s Pond.

Once again, there was my sign. I knew I was in the right place at the right time and was meant to meet these people. I told him he may enjoy my novel, HOLLER’S POND when it’s published. The middle grade story actually takes place at Fletcher’s Pond. By this time several more people had arrived and when we were all introduced, the readings began.

I loved that it was a small group and so laid-back, no pressure to read or share. This was the perfect poetry reading night for me, the first timer. They encourage people to bring a poetry book from home if you want to share your favorite poems.

I felt more than welcome to sit and listen to Chico read his prose about growing up by Tiger Stadium, all the sounds, scents, lights, and a little boys imagination. Then Frank read about the Sun and the Moon and the human connections. Sam and I listened, completely enthralled. When Chico asked if I wanted a turn, I shook my head but felt myself stand and move toward the podium.

I read my poems. LONG TERM GOAL and WHAT WILL I BE, both about growing up, one from a parents perspective and the other from an insect nymphs. Both received unexpected applause and curious questions. It was fun to talk about the inspirations for my writing.

I’m already looking forward to Thursday, April 17 for the Poetry Night and for my favorite treat from the juice bar. (A Mudslide. It tastes like a chocolate shake and is made with all natural  non-dairy ingredients.)

I may even write a new poem by then and someday attend a more aggressive reading. I recently heard about a Poetry Slam, not far from where I live. Hmmm!

Sure wish my poetry-writing cousin Jeanna lived closer. We could get “our brave on” together.



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Anything Spring-Please

Anything Spring-Please.


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Anything Spring-Please

Even after this record-breaking long frigid winter, I can’t imagine living in an environment where there is little or no seasonal change.

As with each new Michigan season, I am  excited to experience the first signs.

In Winter; It’s the first large wet snow flakes, and our crackling fires in the wood-stove.

In Autumn; It’s the breath-taking beauty of the trees and their vivid transformations, the sounds and scents of leaves crunching beneath my feet.

In Summer; Its being outdoors, bare feet, tank tops, long walks by the water, and fresh garden veggies.

In SPRING ;  It’s the first brave flowers, budding trees and bushes, the birds bathing in the melted snow, open windows and sprouts in the garden.

Being outside in nature has always inspired me to write. I’ve written many stories and poems having to do with the outdoors. I enjoy dabbling in poetry and do so quite often. I rarely share my poems with anyone, but since I promised last week I would-I will and here are two in honor of this long-awaited season. I hope you enjoy reading these as much as I enjoyed creating them.

These poems are parts of larger seasonal pieces I’ve written. I figured you’d only want the spring version right now and I can’t say I blame you.

Michigan Seasons (parts 1 of 4)


They sprout, they open, and almost sing

The earth surrenders

The crocus

Proclaim  it’s —- Spring


Awhile back, I read about a two-word poetry challenge. I have this no-control infatuation with words and found this to be immensely fun and rewarding.

Give it try. I hope you find it as entertaining as I do. I would love to read your poem(s). Share below if you’d like.

(Pick any subject and write two words that connect/dance/flow/ together, using ten or twelve lines. No other rules. Here’s mine.)

SPRING HAS SPRUNG (parts 1 of 4)

Budding Branches

Chillin Crocus

Daffodil Dances

Gushy Grass

Pollen Puffs

Sowing Seeds

Ruthless Referees

Tilling Turf

Whopper Worms

Wrangling Robins

Bursting Blooms

Puddle Pools



The Earth Surrenders


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