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The Turtle & Plan B

If it’s not the bees, or crazy cardinals, or whacko fishing stories, it’s those darn turtles. I truly love and learn something from all my visitors, critters or otherwise.

I’m not sure who scared who the most, although I fared a bit better. I jumped back and watched as the poor turtle panicked and flung herself off my dock. I couldn’t help but laugh when her plans didn’t work out so well. My thought was, I can so relate. But like most ladies, turtles or humans, we always have a plan B.

The Spiny Soft-shelled Turtle had climbed the hill about six feet from the water. She was sunning herself or maybe scoping for a place to lay eggs. She was crouched even with the ground close to the steps and I didn’t see her.


The turtle was near the round stone near the post on the left. (Not in photo)

When I approached, she, not so gracefully zipped down two steps and flung herself right into the lake, or so she thought. At one point she looked like a flying turtle.

After being airborne, she landed in my paddle boat. Thankfully, it was almost overflowing with rainwater after the last few days of storms. She struggled to get out, but her nails slid on the plastic. She would dip under when she saw me watching, but I was able to get this picture.


Next project, bail paddle boat! Hoping there are no more surprises.

As I went for my evening walk I tried to figure out a way for her to escape without anymore stress for either of us. My best plan was to lay a piece of wood across the boat for something (not plastic) for her to grab onto and climb out.

Forty five minutes later when I returned from my walk, the turtle was gone. We had both obviously had a plan B.

Here’s a DNR link if interested in knowing more about the popular Spiny Softshell Turtle.

Has any crazy creature incidences happened to you? I would love to read about your adventures in the comments.

Thanks as always for reading and sharing my blogs. I’m so grateful.



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