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A Day Trip To Ohio

Sharing Places I Love To Go

I’ve heard many people say things about Ohio like . . .  “It’s long, flat, all farm land, and boring.”

Then there’s all that football rivalry stuff with Michigan. It’s all in fun, but we know who’s team is better! LOL!

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What I do know for sure is, my husband and I travel to Ohio quite often for the day, and we always have a great time. I also have some awesome past memories from Ohio’s Cedar Point, and Kings Island too.

There’s great shopping and oh, did I mention the Irish pubs, our favorite is near the Franklin Park mall and is Claddagh Irish Pub? We don’t eat out often and when we do, I love great service and fabulous food, this restaurant has given us both. My Irish roots crave ethnic food from time to time.

Did You Know?

Some phenomenal people have come from parts of Ohio like, Neil Armstrong, The Wright Brothers, and seven of our U.S. Presidents were born in Ohio. Here are some other fun Ohio state facts. 

My Most Favorite

What I enjoy most of all about our visits to this state is our leisurely walks along the Maumee river, listening to the flow of the dam, taking pictures of the luscious views on the path, people watching, and of course eating our lunch or dinner at  LaRoe’s restaurant . We usually sit on the patio with a gorgeous park and water view. The service and food are truly exquisite. If you’re ever in need of a nice day trip or traveling through Ohio and require a rest and a good meal, I highly recommend a relaxing visit to the quaint city of Grand Rapids. I promise it’s not flat or all farm land.

Enjoy your day, and thanks for stopping by.

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