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The Beginning of Book Number Two


The fun has begun. My research so far has included reading many diverse books. Some on writing essays, memoirs, and others on specific subject matter. My newest working title is, “This Sign is Mine.” (This may and can change at anytime.)

I’ve exercised and eaten my blueberries along with my daily organic raw vegetable juice. I can only hope Blueberry Buckle counts.

My desk has been cleaned, cleared, and re-arranged. One Feng Shui office tip is that your desk should always face the entrance to the room. Since my office is so small and my desk is one with a hutch, this would be almost impossible to do, so I used a mirror on my desk to reflect the doorway. They also suggest an indoor air purifying plant called a Lady Palm. I adore any sort of palm and will be purchasing one soon. A writer must have clear air to concentrate.

Focus Will music is playing a terrific Up Tempo beat to keep my mind flowing and focused.

Ginseng tea is on my desk ready for sipping along with my favorite teak snack bowl loaded with nuts, raisins, and a few added Ghirardelli dark chocolate chips. Those are not necessarily good for focus, but they are definitely fabulous for my taste buds and research says they are good for my heart as well. My rational is, if my heart isn’t working, then what good will focus do me. Ha!



Indoor Office

Indoor Home Office









Outdoor Office

Lake House Office


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