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Thought I would share my daily routine on gratefulness. Please don’t tell my elementary teachers, but I’m still counting on my fingers. 

Each morning before my feet hit the floor, I say the words, “I’m thankful for. . . ” I then count on my fingers- ten blessings. I challenge myself each day to come up with things that we sometimes take for granted. This was today’s list.

Thanksgiving Day gathering with family, warm covers, indoor plumbing, no pain, the smell of coffee, having my husband home today, trash collectors, family& friends, good clean water, and my five senses.

Each night as I get in bed I go over in mind all the good things that have happened during the day. Then I pick one thing or moment as being the best. These can be small things, anything or any person who brought a smile. Maybe, it was something on TV that made me laugh out loud, or a story or song that touched my heart that I heard on the radio, or a complete stranger did something kind for me, like opening a door, picking up something I dropped, etc. Extraordinary things seem to happen when I go for my walks.  It could be something bigger like playing Polly Pockets or reading a story with my granddaughter, having a lunch or breakfast date with someone I hadn’t seen in awhile or a surprise visit from someone I love. Most days there are so many positive things in my mind at night, I have a difficult time choosing just one. After I pick one thing, I go on to say the five finger prayer. 

The thumb is nearest to your body therefore represents a prayer for all those closest to you, the pointer finger is for all the educators of the world, the center finger is for our worlds leaders and their endeavors, the ring finger is the weakest finger and that is prayer for all those who are suffering in any way or form, are ill or plagued with decease. The pinky finger represents the prayers you ask upon yourself. 

It’s a perfect way to end the day. Thinking all positive, grateful thoughts before going to sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving and may your blessings be plentiful and tasty today!

I believe this is going to be another one of those difficult nights to pick only one best thing of the day! 

More information on the five finger prayer.


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