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Shipshewana Silliness

My July 4th began in the car, listening to a half of a very good book while I drove to Shipshewana, Indiana for our annual ladies retreat with some family and friends.

I thought it was crazy that I bought cinnamon bread in Indiana and when I sliced it, it was shaped like Michigan.Lotta love in that loaf.


The flea market celebrated the holiday opening on Monday, along with their usual Tuesday and Wednesday. Who doesn’t love an extra day to shop?

Besides the famous flea market with bargains beyond ones imagination, there are many store-front shops that line the main street and side streets.

We stayed at the Farmstead Inn, ate fresh locally farmed Amish food, found wonderful bargains every day, had our very own auction one night, (everyone contributes a donation or more) and played card B I N G O the next. The auction purchases and bingo prizes were fun, some practical, others, well, maybe not so much.



The musical, The Home Game, playing at the Blue Gate Theater and Restaurant,  was raved about by those who attended.

But as always – –  the very best part for me was all the laughter, and just being together with family and friends and I can’t forget my mother’s wonderful silly sisters.



At one point I truly thought someone in the hotel may complain. We all laughed so loud and hard, it hurt. Truly the best kind of pain! That’s me below with the happy tears at the bottom right.

Jersey Cookie Girl

Our Shipshee Faces! Photo- Jersey Cookie Girl

Here are some of our best finds this trip!

If you love – better than Grandma’s comfort food, shopping, and great flea market bargains, you will adore Shipshewana. I highly recommend a visit.

Until next time, wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Love Mel



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The Stocking

The Stocking.

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The Stocking

No Name Stocking

No Name Stocking 😦







The first of my two winter projects was on a timeline to be done before Christmas.

Here is my granddaughter’s last years stocking, no name, no shiny sequins. Her sad little face didn’t understand. She asked why?

In my previous blog Winter Projects, I explained to her, I didn’t know if they even made the kits for those stockings anymore. Both my son’s stockings were stitched over twenty-six years ago. (When my eyes and patience were much better.)

UGH! Could I do it, even with the cheaters and the lighted magnifying glass?

There were hundreds of minuscule beads that had to fit over the itty bitty holes in the centers all those sequins. I swear to you the extra thin needle had no flippin’ eye. The embroidery floss was thinner than I remembered – for sure. And then they want you to separate the already thin six strands down to one for attaching the sequins. REALLY!

I poked, tweaked, licked the thread a million times and even with the lighted magnifying glass it would not go through the supposed hole. After about ten minutes of heavy sighing, groans, and growls,  by some miracle the thread found its way.

I enjoyed all the stitching, stuffing and appliqueing. It was the stupid needle, thread, and trying to pick-up and find the hole in the bead that about drove me crazy.  My record for sewing/attaching  sequins and beads was twenty-two in forty-five minutes.

Once I put my mind to something, it gets done, but it usually it don’t take me a year and a half to complete.

Twelve days before Christmas Eve, DONE . . . Whew! Happy Dance!

Well, when it comes to the best granddaughter in the world, how could there have ever been a doubt? Now hopefully Grace will remember our conversation and she will be excited too!


With Time to Spare!

With Time to Spare!

IMG_2704 (384x640)

IMG_2709 (640x461)








After the holiday season I can think about the second exploit on my winter to-do list. I want to create a unique collage of about fifty old black and white photographs of my ancestors, on both Mom and Dad’s sides. The photo’s are mostly mystery people to me, but are fabulous in appearance and date back into the twenties.

If you have done something or have seen someone else’s idea for old pictures, please share in an email or the comment section.

This photograph below was in the box of family pictures in my parent’s basement along with many more that fascinate me. I can’t let them stay in that dark box to be ruined or tossed away someday. Thus my inspiration for the next project. Even if I don’t know who they are, I think it will be fun to speculate and comment on the styles of the times. But deep down I know if these people were never born, I wouldn’t be here today. I’m filled with love and gratitude every time I go through these treasures.

Until 2015…I wish all of you a blessed Christmas and a fun, safe, New Year’s Eve.

Anyone recognize this person?

She's Lovely

Isn’t She Lovely


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Winter Projects!

I have two things I would like to accomplish this season.

First, is to finish a crewel Christmas stocking that I began last Thanksgiving for my only granddaughter.

I Had Forgotten

I Had Forgotten






It’s funny how over the years our interests, tastes, and hobbies change.  When I made each of my sons stockings and one for my nephew, I was excited to work on them. I made my oldest sons while I was pregnant, not knowing if I was having a girl or boy. (His stocking is Raggedy Ann and Andy.) Of course I was in my twenties and into sewing many projects back then.

How did I get myself into this predicament? Hmm! It was two Christmas’ ago my granddaughter asked why her stocking was different from her dad’s and uncles. She noticed hers didn’t have her name stitched on it with fancy glittered gold thread. Hers didn’t have any stuffed seasonal characters with  shiny sequins sewn around the edges. That was because hers was purchased at Meijers. Observant little tyke, my granddaughter is.

Anyway, when she found out I had sewn every stitch and sequin by hand, she asked for one like her dads. I explained that I had made those stockings a long time ago and I didn’t even know if stores still sold the kits. The ones I had made for the boys came as a complete package which included, felt appliques, sequins, beads, embroidery thread, and needles. They were available at any craft store back then.

This is something I should want to do, be excited to do, but I’m not. That fact makes me feel like a bad grandmother. It doesn’t matter that my eyes aren’t near as good, or my interest and patience for hand sewing things flew the coup over twenty-five years ago.

That February, after my granddaughter’s request, I happened to be at Michael’s for something, and low and behold on the clearance table was one Christmas item, a stocking kit with a lovely bright Santa on the front. It was marked down to ninety-nine cents. What the crap! I knew it was a sign.  I had to buy it, I had to make it for my granddaughter, like it or not.

I became overwhelmed just looking at the package. So much so, it sat in the drawer for a long time. I thought about paying someone to make it for me, but then the guilt took over. It wouldn’t be the same.

I finally worked up my brave before last Thanksgiving. I found my strongest reading glasses, a good light and I opened the package. At least a billion multicolored beads and sequins bounced everywhere, on the counter and across the wood floor, down the register. What was I thinking? Tears are not a good start to any project!

My memory on how many hours  it takes to create this sort of stocking obviously had failed me too.  Christmas Eve had arrived and I wasn’t even half way done. I put the stocking into a drawer with the thought that maybe I would work on it during the summer months and have it ready for the 2014 Christmas.

Summer has come and gone and the partial stocking just came out of the drawer yesterday. At this rate, maybe I’ll have it finished when she goes away to college.

Fifty Seven days until Christmas Eve-I’ve got this folks-Ha! I’ll keep you posted.

Tiny Beads and Sequins

Tiny Beads and Sequins






My Second Winter Project… is to find a creative way to put together a collage of my families old photographs to display in my office.

Has anyone seen or done something fun with old black and white photos?(lots of them) I would love to hear your idea(s).

Please email me or share in the comment section.




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Wyandotte Art Fair

It’s a perfect day for a long walk along the river.

The scents in the air are amazing in downtown Wyandotte with the art fair in full swing.

The foods are sizzling, music is playing, bright colors and textures pop from each booth. Every storefront has marvelous bargains too.

The prices seem more affordable than in previous years. It felt like there were more things for the children to do also.  I saw a whole side-street of activities, face-painting, sand art, play area, and a bouncy house.

Glass, metal, wood, wire, string, photographs, paintings, and anything people can envision  has been created here and is ready to bought and taken to a new home.

To find out more about the artists, food vendors, entertainment and sponsors, here’s the official link, Wyandotte Street Art Fair.


Yard Art Purchase

Yard Art Purchase

Wyandotte Art Fair

Wyandotte Art Fair

My purchase today and maybe I’ll see you there tomorrow.



















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