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It’s Been Quite a Ride!

I know you haven’t heard from me in a while. There has been a bunch of life happenings – happening – if you know what I mean.


Catching Up – It’s Almost Here!

My newest creation, a children’s picture book will be out soon. (This summer) Its title is, Whoa Nilly, a Nymph Grows Up! Written by, Patti Rae Fletcher. (My pen name)

This is a story about an insect nymph that survives harsh surroundings beneath the water by using her instincts. She questions who she is, and why others look different, and change, and grow, and she doesn’t seem to. The mystery is solved at the end when she completes her (incomplete) metamorphosis and realizes she has always been who she is, and had to go through all that she did to grow into the lovely insect she was meant to be all along. See how to win free autographed hardcover copy below.

It Must be Another Sign! Feeling the Nudge!

Since my first book, This Sign Was Mine, Message Received! (TSWM) I’ve been journaling about more unexpected signs in my life, more crazy synchronicities, and most of all, more miracles. The signs I have received once again, I feel have impacted my life in an out-of-this-world kind of way. People show up exactly when they need to, and say the right things or demand certain promises as you will see in my next book. It was a specific promise made that more than likely saved my life, or at least prolonged it. I am so grateful to so many that I’m still here in this world.


When I think of all the times my life could have or should have ended, (all those close calls) and didn’t, it makes me even more aware of our exterior and interior guidance. I’m still here for a reason and doing the best I can to figure it all out. My purpose is to contribute my share to this world by using the gifts I have been given.

There are a few more signs from the past – in my new book, and several more recent, and one amazing continuation connected with the roof snow heart chapter in, TSWM. I didn’t plan on a book two, but when the Universe speaks, I now know to listen.

Rooftop Love 2

I have no doubt I am being nudged once again to share these deeply personal, soul touching phenomenal experiences with all of you. The signs I am fortunate enough to have received and to recognize in my life are miracles. I have no doubt when you read my book, you will also see that you are, and have been given some of the same signs, or at least your own unique ones. I feel the key is to take the time to ponder or reflect on even the tiniest synchronous occurrences, recognize these instances as your own life’s miracles and be grateful for each and every one, for I truly believe they have all happened or are happening for a higher reason. Those things from the past have brought you to where you are today, and whom you’re meant to be, strong, growing, and beautiful inside and out, kind of like my beloved Nilly.

Book two of TSWM will be out sometime this year. My working title is, Signs of Love, Recognize the Miracles! (That could change, depending on my publisher.) My goal is to get it out and in your hands before Christmas. Stay tuned!

I’m so grateful for all of you who have read my books, written reviews, are sharing my blogs, Facebook posts, and pages, and most of all continue to support my passion of writing in this life’s journey. Thank you from my whole heart!


A Free Book Opportunity – no purchase necessary to win!

If you leave a comment saying, “I shared this blog and how many places you have shared it,” I will enter your name in the drawing for each share mentioned – to win a free hardcover autographed book of, Whoa Nilly as soon as she makes her debut. Winner will randomly be selected the day I receive the first order of books. Follow sites below to for all updates.

Check out This Sign Was Mine website

Like my for “This Sign Was Mine”  Facebook page

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Writing – What’s up?

Here’s the scoop.

beach enjoyment fun leisure

Photo by Scott on Pexels.com

Recently several people have inquired about my writing. Are you working on another book? Are you writing at all? Any present projects?

“Yes, yes, and yes. I’m busier than ever with several WIP’s, (writing language for – Works In Progress), editing, and doing magazine interviews.”

Just out, is the spring edition of the Downriver Dprofile magazine. It’s available in most businesses in the downriver area. I’ve ricocheted around town doing interviews and writing articles for this outstanding advertising publication. My submissions include a feature for Mans Lumber, Gentle Dental, and two profiles for Applewood Nursing Center. I hope you get the chance to read them and the many other articles that focus on Downriver’s finest businesses and their employees. I have several publications in the upcoming summer issue of Dprofile and one in the Profile Grosse Ile edition regarding  Islandfest information.


The flip cover, spring edition


Dprofile has a double cover



I have submitted my metamorphosis picture book to several publishers once again. Still waiting on news of acceptance or rejection. It takes many weeks and sometimes months, and sometimes they don’t respond if they are not interested. But, hey, I’m a patient person and truly believe the best is yet to come. Another WIP is a picture book I’ve titled My Lucky Day. The Irish in me had to come out sometime. I can’t wait to share that with you.

I’ve been putting together a sequel to This Sign Was Mine, Message Received! by Patti Rae Fletcher. It will continue on the subject of divine timing, life’s journey, spiritual signs, and their interpretations. They keep coming and as long as they do, I will continue to share them with you. I sense strongly that this is at least one of the reasons I am here on this earth at this time.

Over the winter I mentored several people in writing and also did some copy editing on two manuscripts requested by other writers.

Last May I joined a writing group called the Shiawassee Area Writers (SAW), and since have become the Vice President. This involves spending time in mentoring and lots of editing as well. I love it all. The group of over twenty plus and growing is enthusiastic to learn and to better their writing skills. They are kind, fun, and dedicated. They have thrown their shoulders back and accepted some heavy criticism and have worked hard not to become discouraged. They will see the results of these challenges soon.


Our Big News! SAW is scheduled to publish an anthology in the fall, the theme is Winter/Christmas. This book will include stories from some of the groups published authors, including myself and a few debut writers that will proudly announce their first publications. I couldn’t be more impressed with their revisions, rewrites, and stubbornness to make their entries the best they can be.

Being one of the editors, I can say with all honesty, there is a fabulous array of short stories, memoirs, poetry, and some fiction all coming together for you to enjoy over this coming winter. I will, with pride, let you know when this special book becomes available for purchase.

On this day, and every day, I wish you light, love, and peace within.

As always, I’m grateful for you reading and sharing my blog posts.


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Judging a Book by its Cover, PG-13

Good Manners for Nice People Who Sometimes Say F*ck, by Amy Alkon.

Good Manners






Yes, I have to admit it was the title that brought this book into my life. Someone, I won’t mention any names here… gave it to me and said it reminded them of me. “Well, it makes me wonder which part, the good manners part or the nice people part? Hmm.”

What began as a joke turned out to be an excellent, well written, enjoyable read. I couldn’t help but grin at Amy Alkon’s forward attitude and sense of humor. She had me hooked from the first chapter titled, I Don’t Care Where You Put the Fork (as long as you don’t stab anybody in the eye with it). This is obviously not a book about table manners, well maybe there was a paragraph or two.

Amy calls out real rudeness on many levels poking fun at others and even at herself, but also gives suggestions on how to resolve or respond to situations without the misfortune of having a turkey baster jammed in your neck.

Most of us encounter rudeness in some form or other nearly everyday and if truth be told, there’s a possibility that we may have responded to those rude ones with some rudeness of our own. There may have been a time or two this  happened to me. I blamed it on a spontaneous episode of tourettes. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

In this book Amy covers topics that concern:

Cell Phones – Why would anyone have their cell phone on speaker while in public, and think it’s okay? Then there are people who can’t make a simple single decision about what salad dressing to purchase without reading twenty-nine labels loudly into their phone invading every ones personal hearing space.

Internet – Amy begins by sharing a personal experience with a surprise ending, then talks about online identity, privacy (yours and everyone else’s) and how to treat other people online and what to do when they treat you badly. She makes some good points.

Neighbors – Have you ever had one that either seem oblivious to noise levels that travel to your property? Or maybe others who let their dog use your yard as a toilet, twice a day or more. Amy has a suggested solution that worked for her.

Communicating  Are you communicating or just pelting somebody with words? She suggests, listening, empathy and dignity.

Dating  I can’t even imagine dating in this era with today’s technology. Amy says it like it is, what’s acceptable and what isn’t.

Socializing – This chapter covers public manners and also includes a section on, how much and who to tip. There’s bathroom attendants, barista’s, buffets, coat checks, and many more. In the end Amy makes one point clear if we neglect to consider how our own social behavior will affect others, there could be and probably will be problems.

Going Places – The dos, don’ts, and how-t0-get-them-to-stop-doing-that in a variety of transportation arenas. This includes everything from sidewalks, subways, to police traffic stops, and airplanes. Sometimes a handy-dandy post-it note works with a clever phrase.  Frequently on a crowded public transportation systems a certain question may arise and that question is, “Is someone sexually assaulting me or just reaching for their cell phone in their pocket?” Hmm, what to do?

Serious illness – Amy covers this sensitive subject with some powerful suggestions on what to and not to say as your friend or family member is battling their disease. What can you do you if you say or do the wrong thing? How to be a friend to someone who is seriously ill? How to help a fiercely independent person feel okay about being helped?

Apologies  This chapter covers, how to and what to say when “I’m sorry” isn’t near enough.

I love a book that can make me laugh out loud as this one has. I give it five stars.









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My Writing Works In Progress

For those of you who have inquired about what I’ve been working on…here’s my book writing update.

Holler’s Pond, A Camping Story (middle grade-ages 11-15)

(Four young teens, one girl, three boys, some adventures, self acceptance issues, each teen believes their problems are worse than their peers)

A family camping trip gets screwed up for Alexandria(Alex) when she finds out her best friend can’t make it. Now she is stuck all weekend with three teenage boys who don’t want her there or she could always hang with the adults. With those choices, she will find a way to deal with the boys. She has no doubt she can out camp and out fish any boy, anytime. Bring it on!

It’s a weekend packed full of pranks, some bullying, throw in a few laughs and an encounter or two with wild animals and an outhouse and you never know what will happen. In the end the teens are forced to make a life or death decision and begin to understand what’s truly important in their lives.

This manuscript has been sent to several publishing houses. It’s been rejected twice, one has it under consideration. Still waiting to hear something. I’m thinking positive. 2015 feels like a great year for publishing books.

This Sign Is Mine is a working title. (non-fiction, young adult-adult inspirational) 

I wrote this memoir over the summer with a strong desire to share my strange phenomena experiences and to inspire others.

The story is about as deep down personal as one can get. There have been several strong, slap-me-in-the-face, signs/messages along my journey. I’ve received answers to questions that could not be reversed once implemented and felt more confident than I’ve ever felt in my life.

During those occurrences, there was always one question that ran through my mind, who was the messenger? I’ve shared bits and pieces on my blogs, but decided it was time to write the story behind the pictures.

Were my signs all coincidence? Were they from God, the Universe, deceased loved ones, or someplace else? Was I the only one who saw or felt them? Not always. Did others receive the same message I did? After discussion I found the answer to be yes, on occasion.

With all my questions, the one thing I have figured out for sure is, these crazy signs have led me to a gratefulness and an inner peace I didn’t think possible during and after those specific circumstances.

This book is written in a way where you, the reader can decide for yourself if these signs were only coincidence. If you don’t think so, where do you think they came from? Have you recognized any signs along your journey?

It is not my place to doubt the sincere beliefs of others.
My job is to question my own beliefs.
– Jonathan Lockwood Huie

Will I Ever Grow Up (picture book)

This book is about a minuscule insect nymph that lives beneath the water. She eats anything that doesn’t eat her and is still hungry. She grows a tiny bit and pops out of her skin. There’s always a new skin beneath the old one. This process continues to make her hungry so she eats some more and the process repeats and repeats. She’s discouraged when she doesn’t notice any change in herself. But, her neighbors the tadpole family have changed by leaps and bounds. Will she ever grow up? What will she be? I’ll reveal the answer next week.

I’m ready to do the final draft on this too.

If only there were more hours in a day.

My goals are high for 2015

Thanks for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the shares.


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More Than A Tidbit, From One of the Greats!


There isn’t much else on my mind these days besides research, morning, noon, and night. I’m either reading or writing or running scenes through my mind.

My past weeks work included reading several books on writing essays and reading memoirs by and about a diverse group of people.

Some, well most of these books were dry and unmemorable, except one. I read them with the expectation of how I used to read parenting books. I was always thrilled to take away even one tidbit of an idea to help me somehow in someway through a present struggle. It’s the same with writing books. Since every person is different and every story personal, there can’t be just one book that suits all authors and their individual questions. That must be why I have at least fifty writing books above my desk. You’d think I would be a better writer, but as I say, “I’m an infinite work in progress.”


The book I finished last night shocked me, inspired me, made me cry, and to my utter surprise made me laugh out loud more than once. And the best part was it made sense to me. Click, the light bulb went on! “YAY!” I love when that happens.

And to think this was the dreaded book I had saved until last, because the author and his gazillion novels scare the bejeebers out of me.


The book is titled, “Stephen King (a memoir of the craft)On Writing,” Published in the year 2000,

It’s the combination of his personal memoir along with the added bonus of not just one, but a treasure-trove of ideas for the serious writer to try. He says, “Most books about writing are filled with bullshit . .  . I figured the shorter the book, the less bullshit.”  He was point-on and managed to make it a quick read with logical usable information.

I agreed with  many of Stephen King’s writing opinions on the assorted topics and found this book to be an awesome read, (even if you are not a writer). I was only scared a tiny bit.

MY TAKE AWAY-suggestions by Stephen King

“If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write.”  I agree with him.

Own “Strunk And White, The Elements of Style,” and use it! (I do)

Set a daily writing goal of at least 1000 words, working your way up.(S.K.’s is 5000)

Write at least six days a week

First draft with the door closed, no phone, no interruptions

Keep an Ideal Reader in mind (I.R.)(S.K.’s is his wife)

Focus on the importance of language

***This book will be returned to the library as soon as my copy of “On Writing,” arrives. The great examples of differences in the first draft and second draft with its edits are something I would like to have on my desk for future reference.


Any writers out there want to share their favorite writing books and why? Please email me.











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Getting Serious

Getting Serious.

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Getting Serious

As most of  you know, I’m in the process of trying to get my middle grade novel, “Holler’s Pond, A Camping Story” published. I’ve sent the synopsis and first three chapters out to three publishers almost a year ago.

The results presently are:

One – Gourmet Reject – Boyds Mills Press (A reject with suggestions and/or a reason it wouldn’t fit their list)

One – Under Consideration Milkweed Press

One – No Response, after six months this is to be considered a reject also.-Albert Whitman & Co.


Campfire Fun

Sun Fish

Sun Fish

So while I’m waiting, re-submitting, and doing revisions on “Holler’s Pond,” I’m also contemplating how to format my next book. I know the subject, and the ending. The rest is still whirling around in my head. All the puzzle pieces are there, all the edges are done, now it’s time to twist and turn those center pieces for the perfect fit.

This book will be written for adults based on the subject of a series of considerable crazy coincidences.

Be on the look-out, I’ll share glimpses soon.

Have a Wonderful Week Everyone!

When you follow your bliss,
doors will open for you
that wouldn’t have opened for anyone else.
– Joseph Campbell












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