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A Christmas Gift Comes to Life from 2013

Boat Building Excellence with a Quick Photo Review and Update 

Several people have inquired about the impending birth of the Little Rascal, (the name Dave has given his latest watercraft project). If you are new to my blog, Little Rascal is a gorgeous full size boat that my brother-in-law is in the process of hand crafting piece by piece in his garage.

Dave has kept busy for the past two winters on building the Little Rascal. I’m excited to share with you his progress.

How it Began:  I’ve included these links to other articles I’ve written about Dave, the School, Canoe and a Dream Come True  is about how this unusual hobby started back in Dave’s childhood. Another post is My Boat building brother-in-law .


Boat plans in a tube

wooden boat plans

Our Families Wood Genius






Time Advances:

The Plans

The Runabout Rascal Plans

It Has Begun

It Has Begun

From This To...

From This To…












By the end of Winter last year 2014:


To This So Far







Present-winter 2015

Some fresh air

One of my siblings

Before the flip

Before the flip













After the flip

Celebrating the Flip








IMG_20151128_181510 (480x640)

The Inside


Excellence! No splinters here


The inside has been sanded to perfection even though no one will ever see these boards below the flooring . . . except Dave and now you. Truly masterful work.





The end product will be similar to this photo, only better because . . . Dave, you are amazing!

Rascal Boat

Runabout Rascal Boat Sample






I’m proud to show you Dave’s other watercraft masterpiece creations.


San jaun dory

Daves two Kayaks


Wabanaki Cedar Strip Canoe

Wabanaki Cedar Strip Canoe







Thanks for sharing your photos with us Dave.

Wishing Everyone a Fulfilling Christmas and a Healthy Joyous 2016

See ya next year!


P. S. I recently heard Dave is working on his own website. I’ll post the link when it goes live so can check in on his progress.




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Wooden Boat Building Brother-In-Law

This past Christmas Eve my brother-in-law Dave received a one pound, twenty seven inch cardboard cylinder, wrapped like a giant tootsie roll.

IMG_1427 (640x480)

The tube contained building plans for a wooden boat called the Runabout Rascal, designed by Ken Bassett. When finished, this boat will weigh almost eight hundred pounds (equipped) and be fourteen feet, ten inches in length. Dave will use plywood and mahogany woods over sawn frames to complete this masterpiece.



This is not Dave’s first rodeo with building wooden boats. He began constructing his dream canoe  in 2004 and has done refurbishing work on vintage Chris Craft boats since he was a young boy alongside his father, a now retired carpenter by trade.

In the past decade, Dave’s completed watercraft’s have been called everything from, absolutely amazing, breathtaking, a prayer in wood, and just plain freaking gorgeous as you will see in the pictures below.

Dave finished his Wabinaki Canoe in 2006. I wrote an article for a magazine called PH2 (at that time) titled, School, Canoe and a Dream Come True, telling the how’s and why’s Dave began this journey. By going to my website you can read the article and see more in-progress photos under published articles.

cedar strip canoe




Dave’s second and third wood creations were kayaks; one cedar-strip and the other made from mahogany.

After learning the skill of kayaking himself, Dave thought it such a soul soothing connection with nature, he built another for his wife.

Photo by Jill Mayville

Photo by Jill Mayville

I know you are saying awe!





Dave’s fourth wooden boat-building experience resulted in a full-size Dory, ready for the river in 2010. This craft is used with a motor and has proven to be an impressive fishing boat. This would be indicated by the many fabulous fish fry’s my brother-in-law has shared with me and my family.

Photo by M. M. S.

Dave only builds wooden boats as his passionate hobby in the winter(s). If all goes well, his hope is that the Rascal will be water-ready in the summer of 2015.

With several hours of diagram studying, wood and product purchases, hard work, and a couple of long winters, what was in that tube will transform into a extraordinary wooden boat similar to the one in the photo below.


wooden boat plans

Photo M.M.S.                           






Click on picture to see how to order your own plans.400100_RascalRun_fromAft (282x179)


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