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Our Dundee Date

We decided to go for a ride this afternoon and ended up in Dundee to buy some candles. The Swan Creek Company outlet store is located four blocks from Cabala’s. We passed the Beef Jerky Outlet Store too, but it appeared closed.

We sniffed the aromatic scents one by one as we cruised through three different areas in the the store. We smelled fruity, spiced, sweet, floral, outdoors, herbs, coffee, even a leather one, until our noses had had enough. We then headed into their basement to check out the many resale treasures and antique booths. They also have an upstairs, which we didn’t get to today.

After all that sniffing, we finally decided on the Black Spiced Rum candle along with an Orange Blossom & Vanilla one, they were on the BOGO rack. We also picked up a lovely bird candle, touched with the fragrance of Petals of Paradise, to lift the spirits of someone special who is feeling sad due to a death in the family.

All this shopping had worked up an appetite and we headed next door to a small pub called, “River’s Edge. Pizza, Pub & Grille” I can’t say all their food is good, (because every time I’ve been, I order the same thing) but, I can testify to the fabulousness (yes I’m allowed to make up words on my blog) of their Chicago style pizza, filled with green pepper, onion, black olives and pepperoni. It is truly the best I’ve had, and that includes the pizza’s I’ve eaten while in Chicago. The sauce is spicy and sweet and is to die for. River’s Edge is also known for their pulled pork, baby back ribs, and brisket. Next time, I swear I’m going to starve myself for a week and sample them all.

After our filling meal, we decided to walk a bit before heading back home. Directly behind the River’s Edge and Swan Creek is the River Raisin Dam, which includes a lovely path.


They built a wonderful gazebo in front of the water and placed a picnic table beneath. One might assume they did this so people could take a rest from their day and enjoy the beauty of the River Raisin, right? But then they ruined it by hanging up this sign- NO Loitering.

My husband and I couldn’t help but chuckle at the contradiction of the sign.


The path led us to the Old Mill Museum which is the white building you see in the photo above. Unfortunately, they were about to close as we approached. Maybe next time.


Ahhh, I can stand here without fear. It’s so refreshing. No loitering sign anywhere in this area by the Old Mill, the crisp clear beauty and sounds of the water are so dam amazing. Ah! (pun intended)

We’ll be back Dundee, Michigan. Love these day trip dates.

Think Spring!



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