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Shipshewana Silliness

My July 4th began in the car, listening to a half of a very good book while I drove to Shipshewana, Indiana for our annual ladies retreat with some family and friends.

I thought it was crazy that I bought cinnamon bread in Indiana and when I sliced it, it was shaped like Michigan.Lotta love in that loaf.


The flea market celebrated the holiday opening on Monday, along with their usual Tuesday and Wednesday. Who doesn’t love an extra day to shop?

Besides the famous flea market with bargains beyond ones imagination, there are many store-front shops that line the main street and side streets.

We stayed at the Farmstead Inn, ate fresh locally farmed Amish food, found wonderful bargains every day, had our very own auction one night, (everyone contributes a donation or more) and played card B I N G O the next. The auction purchases and bingo prizes were fun, some practical, others, well, maybe not so much.



The musical, The Home Game, playing at the Blue Gate Theater and Restaurant,  was raved about by those who attended.

But as always – –  the very best part for me was all the laughter, and just being together with family and friends and I can’t forget my mother’s wonderful silly sisters.



At one point I truly thought someone in the hotel may complain. We all laughed so loud and hard, it hurt. Truly the best kind of pain! That’s me below with the happy tears at the bottom right.

Jersey Cookie Girl

Our Shipshee Faces! Photo- Jersey Cookie Girl

Here are some of our best finds this trip!

If you love – better than Grandma’s comfort food, shopping, and great flea market bargains, you will adore Shipshewana. I highly recommend a visit.

Until next time, wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

Love Mel


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Shipshewana, Here We Come

Shipshewana, Here We Come.

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Shipshewana, Here We Come

Shipshewana 2013

Mom’s Sisters






Sister Retreat 2013

Sister Retreat 2013






Our Girls Retreat


My Aunt Lenny started this “Sister’s Retreat” a couple of decades ago and it has taken us to different areas. Places such as; Holland Michigan, Mackinaw City, Chicago, and for the past several years we’ve enjoyed Shipshewana, Indiana and its awesome Amish food, shopping, and second largest flea market in the Midwest.

Where we stay

Staying overnight at the Farmstead Inn is fabulous fun, especially if you do it with a whole bunch of silly aunts, female adult cousins, and very special friends. The hotel is absolutely spotless and within walking distance of the flea market. They serve a free fantastic hot and cold continental breakfast. There’s a nice pool and jacuzzi, which feels glorious after each day of walking in the sweltering sun.


I have found such wonderful bargains at the flea market and some great finds at the cities storefronts too.

The flea market is only opened on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. We arrive on Monday and shop the many stores along the main road.


The Essence House is our annual meet-up place for a delicious Amish dinner served family style on the first night. (My favorite is the pot roast, mashed potatoes and gravy)The second evening dinner is at the Blue Gate Restaurant. I’m thankful for all the extra walking we do to help burn those extra pie calories and aid with extra digestion needed for the extra food intake, (most of us are guilty of).

Our Evening Gatherings

After dinner and shopping all day, we meet in the largest room at the hotel and have an auction for some nice , some crazy,  and sometimes mystery items. Each guest brings at least one auction gift, using their own discretion and sense of humor. These items are wrapped and we bid on them sight unseen. The bidding begins at fifty cents and goes up to a couple of dollars. The second night we play four card bingo and choose from unwrapped prizes that were purchased with the previous year’s auction money.  It’s always a ton of laughs and the time goes by way to fast. Other mysterious things seem to happen every year. I won’t even mention someone’s room getting Tee-Peed…or Red Hat pins for the older folks…There have been odd items found in the freezer? (oops, my computer has a mind of its own)

Some of my best bargains; 

Cement Creations for the yard (amazing low prices)

Wire (wine glass) hangings for the family room

Gold Swirl Metal Sun for the garage

All Occasion Scarfs

Bulk Socks (work socks for the men in my life)

Leather Belts, Wallets, & Purses,

Sheet Sets (1000 thread count-queen 20.00)


At the store fronts I’ve found,


Black Hills Gold Rings

Dragonfly Dishes

Amish Furniture, small items and Pictures

Annie Oakley cologne


With over 900 vendors on 100 acres, I would think there is something for everyone.

Shipshewana Website for more information


Some previous finds.

Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Finds



Flea market

Flea market

Flea Market Finds

Flea Market Finds


Memorial Stone

Memorial Stone

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