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Today, I’m focusing on the future.

Last week while at the library, I ran across a book titled, “77 Reasons Why Your Book Was Rejected”{and how to be sure it won’t happen again!} I had an epiphany ah, if I read this before submitting my nano novel, maybe, just maybe I’ll learn something...and avoid rejection.

This book is written by a successful author, editor, and agent with many years of experience in all listed areas.

One of my personal beliefs is. . . . if you complain about something, you should always offer a solution…Well, Mike Nappa does just that in this book.

Here’s my review, even though it was difficult to digest and quite the reality check (even after nine years of writing and being published) I highly recommend it to anyone who has a passion or dream to become a published book author through a traditional publishing house.

77 Reasons Why Your Book Was Rejected

{and how to be sure it won’t happen again!}

By Mike Nappa (founder and chief literary agent of Nappaland Literary)

Five Stars *****

Okay, to be honest…yes I threw the book on the floor (more than once) and then fantasized about an ambitious puppy giving it a sniff, snarling, and ripping it to shreds, (me smiling) then taking the remains and lining the bottom of a kitty litter box. (me smiling again) Nothing personal Mike.

I borrowed 77 Reasons Why from the library, which by the way, in my opinion should be titled, “Brutally Honest” or at least have a warning inscribed on the cover. I curled up on the sofa with my cup of tea ready to read and relax. My sticky tabs nearby in case I find a page or two worth copying for my personal reference file. This definitely is not a book you read to relax by. You read this book to grow and transform as a writer. Unfortunately, almost always, there is fear, pain, and struggle in change, but the end result is your treasured work/novel not being REJECTED and that is a beautiful thing.

Mike Nappa has thoroughly covered the other 75 reasons for rejection (that you don’t hear about at conferences) and has been kind enough to include short sections on what you can do about it. I’ve only heard about format, queries, cover pages, accurate research and grammar at such events. But, I get it. People like me pay good money, and travel long distances to listen to successful authors, agents and editors and to be encouraged and we as attendees are. I always go home energized and inspired to write something new or revise works in progress; send it in with high expectations only to get maybe a kinder or gourmet reject. (hand written word or two, instead of a check mark on a form reject letter). I’m told, this is supposed to make me happy.

77 Reasons Why Your Book Was Rejected {and how to be sure it won’t happen again!} has given me more inspiration than I could imagine. By the time I finished reading this book, I had so many tabs on so many pages to copy that I added the book to my Christmas list. Mike Nappa has given me a tool chest containing the quality tools I need to complete the job, in this case my first children’s novel. Now, after putting into practice some of his suggestions, I have more confidence and a sense of true hope submitting my manuscripts. If you are serious about finding an agent to represent you or want to be published traditionally, this book is a must have.

I finished revising chapter ten of my novel Hollar’s Pond last night. It’s coming along slowly, I still have so much more to do. But nothing worthwhile is easy.

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