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Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

Not only is Grand Rapids the second largest city in Michigan, but it has numerous extraordinary entertaining things to do, and amazing places to visit. My husband and I found two of them last Monday.

A peek at our day trip to Meijer Gardens.

It was the perfect weather, overcast and not to crowded. There were fields of wild flowers, woodlands and wetlands along with perfectly manicured grounds through our entire journey on the walking paths. We spent about four hours and I wished we had at least that many more. It was so tranquil to take in the kaleidoscope of color, shapes, scents and spectacular sculpture exhibits by some extremely impressive artists.

We didn’t make it to the children’s gardens. Although we saw a few children in swim suits and joyous sounds emanating from the area as we passed by.

There was some amazing music that could be heard throughout the grounds from a band that was rehearsing for a later concert at the amphitheater.

The pillars, flowers, and vines were breathtaking.


The Japanese Gardens  opened in 2015. As we enjoyed the journey through the curved paths, it felt as though you were being bathed in a blanket of calm. There were several waterfalls ranging from a trickle to a cascading rush. The blossoms blew their fragrance as if sending gentle kisses through the air. I never wanted to leave, but they closed at five.


In one of the indoor exhibits I recognized a saguaro cactus, but this one was under fifty years old…no arms yet. Earlier blog post about these unique cacti.



The sculpture gardens are filled with unique and famous pieces by many artists.

I enjoyed this equine masterpiece that measures 288 x 91 x 339 inches. The American Horse, was created by Nina Akamu in 1999.

He’s Majestic… I’m about 5 1/2 feet tall and to him I must feel like a horse fly on his front leg.


The Long Island Buddha-made from steel and copper by artist Zhang Huan.


I bet you can guess why I could hardly take my eyes from this stainless steel and stone sculpture. I, you, she or he . . .by Jaume Plensa, known for using ideas about language and communication in his sculptures.  It was so wonderful to walk among these figures and imagine their silent conversations. I have no doubt their conversation included the words, “This artist is brilliant!”

Here’s the link for Frederik Meijer Gardens. We would highly recommend this park be on everyone’s itinerary when visiting the area.

Afterwards to end our adventure, we discovered a well-known brewery in Grand Rapids. Founders Brewing. 

Just a small appetizer. (enough to feed four, I think) Absolutely the most umami (my new favorite word) hummus and olive tapenade spread I’ve had anywhere. The beer wasn’t bad either. (tee-hee) Five star brewery for sure.


If you’ve been on any day trips that were fun, please share in comment section!

As always, thanks for reading and sharing my blog.

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A Day Trip To Ohio

Sharing Places I Love To Go

I’ve heard many people say things about Ohio like . . .  “It’s long, flat, all farm land, and boring.”

Then there’s all that football rivalry stuff with Michigan. It’s all in fun, but we know who’s team is better! LOL!

football mi oh




What I do know for sure is, my husband and I travel to Ohio quite often for the day, and we always have a great time. I also have some awesome past memories from Ohio’s Cedar Point, and Kings Island too.

There’s great shopping and oh, did I mention the Irish pubs, our favorite is near the Franklin Park mall and is Claddagh Irish Pub? We don’t eat out often and when we do, I love great service and fabulous food, this restaurant has given us both. My Irish roots crave ethnic food from time to time.

Did You Know?

Some phenomenal people have come from parts of Ohio like, Neil Armstrong, The Wright Brothers, and seven of our U.S. Presidents were born in Ohio. Here are some other fun Ohio state facts. 

My Most Favorite

What I enjoy most of all about our visits to this state is our leisurely walks along the Maumee river, listening to the flow of the dam, taking pictures of the luscious views on the path, people watching, and of course eating our lunch or dinner at  LaRoe’s restaurant . We usually sit on the patio with a gorgeous park and water view. The service and food are truly exquisite. If you’re ever in need of a nice day trip or traveling through Ohio and require a rest and a good meal, I highly recommend a relaxing visit to the quaint city of Grand Rapids. I promise it’s not flat or all farm land.

Enjoy your day, and thanks for stopping by.

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