Clowns! Virtuous or Iniquitous?

My husband and I have had an ongoing discussion for years about clowns. He shares the opinion of many others that believe they are all evil. There has never been a doubt in his mind of their wickedness since he was a young boy.

evil clown





I, on the other hand have always used Bozo the Clown as my argument. He would never cause anyone any harm. Bozo told me once when I was on his show that he liked my drawing of fireworks the best, even though the audience voted another the winner.







What about the clowns in parades? They’re dressed in those vivid colors, bright smiles, full of laughter, funny horns, and they give-away candy. They were not ever scary to me. (Hmm, until now!)

parade clowns





My clown belief changed for me the other night. I think I’m a convert!

I had my first evil clown experience. I rarely dream or at least I don’t remember if I do, and have had only a few nightmares over the years.

My husband is up before daybreak, work day or not. He heard my very clear panicked scream, Help me, a long moan and another loud help me . . .  pleeeeze! The poor guy’s heart stopped for a beat or two, he dropped his coffee, and rushed to the bedroom, his thoughts consumed with fear  of something being radically wrong with me.

Oh no!

Oh no!







As he entered the room, he knew at once I was having a nightmare and calmly talked me awake telling me it was okay, and that I was safe.

I shared the nightmare of the horrific painted white-faced, fuzzy-green haired clown that had a hold of my leg.  I kicked and tried to get away before he murdered me with a Tootsie Roll machine gun. It was so real. My husband never laughed and never once said, “See, I told you so, they are all evil, even the ones with candy.”

I have a terrific husband. He’s my hero!

How do you feel about clowns? Good, Evil, or Indifferent? Leave a comment!

I hope to never see these under a bathroom stall. UGH!

Seriously . . . RUN!

clown shoes


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3 responses to “Clowns! Virtuous or Iniquitous?

  1. Cyndi

    Evil incarnate, no question.


  2. Clowns couldn’t come anywhere close to competing with my own childhood fears. However, the clown from Stephen King’s “It” is pretty creepy.


  3. Kathy kathy

    Clowns don’t bother me but my son hates clowns. I suppose if I had a nightmare like you had, I might change my opinion as well. Take care.


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