One Of Those Days! Ugh!

Everyone has them, right, those stupid embarrassing moments?

My Not So Terrible Dilemma

I’m at the mall for a quick pick up of an item at Penney’s.

I decide to speed walk around the mall for an hour to change-up my usual exercise routine.

Later, checking all my pockets and literally dumping my purse out at the door I realized, I had either lost or locked my keys in the car. (Called myself a few names after seeing them dangling from the ignition. Grrr!)






Did I mention I also left my phone on the kitchen counter charging. (Called myself a few more names. Grrr!)





This circumstance made me realize, I didn’t even know my husband’s (or sons) cell numbers, and the only other numbers I actually remembered were of people’s past landlines. Where are those old-fashioned pay phones with an attached book of white pages when you need one? I know, I know, probably in some scrap yard.

What would you do?




Here’s what I did after the growling subsided.




Talked to security – That was a no-go.They don’t bust into cars anymore after being sued. They recommended AAA roadside service or to call the local police. The cost would be between forty and fifty dollars to rescue keys from a locked vehicle from any outside service.

My options:

  • Walk – It would be free, but it’s about six miles from home. I had just power walked the mall and didn’t exactly have on my good long distance walking shoes.
  • Taxi – None of the service desk employees had their phone on them, but one cashier knew you could still dial 411 for information. (I hadn’t thought about that in years.) The lady behind the service desk punched in the number and handed me the phone as Trinity Taxi answered. After they had gotten all my information, the dispatcher told me it would be about a two-hour wait, I cancelled, thinking I could walk home in that amount of time.
  • Someone to bring extra keys. – But who, I have no phone and no numbers. Who am I going to call?

My lightbulb moment!

I wondered if the Best Buy computers that are on display are actually hooked up to the Internet and if they are, I’ could email my husband at work. I knew he was involved with a serious, crazy project and was working later than usual, but maybe he could sneak out for an hour and bring the extra set of keys. I’m sure I was under surveillance and looked quite guilty as I peeked over my shoulder several times as I logged onto my email. I sent the message, thinking I’ll give him twenty minutes to respond and if he doesn’t I’ll just walk and hope to make it home before dark. Luckily, my husband did respond and informed me he couldn’t get out until five-ish. He asked that I hang-out until then. It was well after three, so I thought, there are many worse things than being stranded at the mall for a few extra hours. I suppose I could use this time to begin some early Christmas shopping.

Don’t you just love happy endings?

Things I learned from this experience.

I wrote several cell phone numbers on the back of a business card to keep in my purse.

I will make a better effort to remember my phone whenever I leave.

Omelets instead of a planned meatloaf for dinner isn’t so bad.

Happy November!

For my wonderful blog family, I’m thankful! I wish each of you a delightful Thanksgiving!












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5 responses to “One Of Those Days! Ugh!

  1. How frustrating! At least you didn’t lose your keys, and you turned what happened into a nice post! Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Carol Simmons

    Well, dearie, sounds like you were having not just a senior moment, but a senior day. Isn’t it interesting. Guess days like that remind us how wonderful that normal days are, we just don’t appreciate them, always have to find something to fuss about. I enjoyed reading about your day, guess you got lots of exercise and a bad case of brain strain. Could have been worse. You could have gotten into your car, and got into a terrible accident and got sort of dead. That wouldn’t have been good. Thanks for sharing. Carry on. Hugs to you. Carol——————————————–

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Barri

    I can visually see your day and I hope you feel me smiling 🙂 Your survival skills kicked in ( very smart thinking on the email thing) and you made the best out of a fustrating situation. …that does not suprise me at all ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  4. How funny !! I’m in Phoenix visiting with Edie and we enjoyed reading ur blog. How many of us have experienced the same type of problems! Will be home sometime in Dec – hope we can at least have aphone conversation Again u have a gift writing. Glo

    Liked by 1 person

  5. What a creative way to solve your dilemma! I’ll have to remember it if I ever get into a similar situation — and that’s entirely possible, given my senior- moment days. Had to laugh about your cell phone being recharged at home. Mine is usually in my purse needing a charge! 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Liked by 1 person

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