Three Ways You Can Help Any Author

On The Other Side Of Writing

Once a book is written, edited and published, there’s a whole new agenda to learn. There are author events, book signings, press releases, presentations, your own inventory, new websites, Facebook pages, blogs, royalties, accounting and taxes to think about. How does it all work? I have no flippin’ clue. Whew! As with anything that seems to overwhelm me, I try to do it with a smile, one day at a time, baby steps, tiny bites, breathe, etc…  if that doesn’t work, then maybe a lay-down, foot kicking, screeching tantrum would do the trick.

Ahhhh! I feel better now. tantrumOkay, back to deep breaths.




It begins with letting people know that your book is available. Back in time publishers did most of the promotions for their authors and books, but present day, it’s the author who shoulders much of their own publicity. Balboa Press has walked me through a lot of the process by setting up a website and taking care of the press releases. I also received a marketing kit that contained bookmarks and business cards. Now it’s my job as the author to get people to visit the sites, sign up and follow me. With that being said, if your interested in learning more about me, as Patti Rae (my pen name) and my book, the link is below.

My friends and family have asked, “Is there anything I can do to help you and/or your book?”

If I’ve given anyone a blank stare, please forgive me, I still have so much to learn. However, besides purchasing the book for support, here are three ways I’ve tried to help my writing friends.

  1.  After reading their book, write a review on Amazon or anywhere it’s available. You can do this whether you purchased the book from them or not. You could also write a review on your Facebook page to share with your friends.
  2.  Of coarse positive word of mouth is an awesome way to help. I love adding book recommendations from family and friends to my “pleasure read” list.
  3. Another way is to share the author’s blogs or posts on your sites to inform all of your friends of upcoming events and possible give-a-ways and don’t be afraid to ask them to share it with their friends too.  If you have a blog and are in a position to interview someone, that’s great. *Hint, I always say yes and will return the favor as needed.

A Giant Thank YOU!

To those of you who have taken the time from your busy lives to share your thoughts in a review about my memoir, “This Sign Was Mine” on Amazon, you have my deepest gratitude. My heart overflows!

Link to my new website, please drop by for a visit anytime. There’s another blog and an event page that I will be adding to, soon.

Like my new Facebook page too for inspirational quotes, posters, and an upcoming give-away.











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