Magical Moments In Photos

Let The Magic Begin! Not many words needed!

First Plane Ride

First Plane Ride






Hello Purdy

Feeling tiny next to Perdita







The castle is real!

WOW! The castle is real!







Under the Sea Ride

Under the Sea Ride

A hug for Daisy

A hug for Daisy

It's A Small Small World!

It’s A Small Small World!







Dumbo Ride

Dumbo Ride

Sparkle hearts face-painting

Sparkle hearts face-painting

Look who just landed!

Look who just landed!







So Many Princesses, So Little Time!

Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you Ariel.






A hug from Pocahontas

A hug from Pocahontas







I'd love to sign your hat!

I’d love to sign your hat!







Can I sign your hat too?

Can I sign your hat too?







It's Cinderella!

It’s Cinderella!







I adore Elsa!

I adore Elsa!







And the magic didn’t end there . . .

Now that's first class, sitting in the pilot's chair.

Now that’s first class, sitting in the pilot’s chair.







On the flight home my granddaughter was invited into the cockpit of the airplane with a nice explanation to her question.

Does an airplane start with key like a car?

The answer is no. There were what seemed to be hundreds of buttons, switches, gauges, monitors, and graphs everywhere, even on the ceiling.

Our GIANT thank you to the best Walt Disney World tour guides we could have possibly had. You both are the best!

Happy 33rd Anniversary To a magical couple!

Happy 33rd Anniversary
To a very magical couple!



















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2 responses to “Magical Moments In Photos

  1. Mandy

    You can see the awe-filled, gorgeous smile on her face in all of the pictures. That girl will be having princess dreams for the rest of her life!


  2. kathy

    What a magical time for the princess and grandma. I’m sure Gracie had the time of her life. And then to sit in the pilot’s chair on the way home is another unforgettable memory. God Bless!

    Liked by 1 person

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