What’s Next? Letting Readers Know!

H Everyone!

For those of you who have asked about my latest book . . . YES,  it came in, finally! Publishing with Balboa Press has taught me so much, and everyday there is yet something else to learn.

Now that the book is written and published, I’m learning how to let people know it’s available.

This Sign Was Mine

This Sign Was Mine

First Event

First Event HS craft show.



No one told me you have to bring your own table to a craft show. Now I know.




I was waiting for the website for Patti Rae Fletcher to launch before I announced the book here, so we would have somewhere to go and just talk about the experiences in the book and around the book and any bizarre coincidences that may have happened to you. I can’t wait to hear your amazing stories on the book website.

I wanted to share with you first, my treasured friends and family who have followed me here for the past couple of years, I truly do appreciate the time you take to read my words and comment. (and those who just scroll through the pictures too) If you have followed my posts for any length of time, you already have had a tiny sneak peek into slight pieces of what’s in the book.

“This Sign Was Mine, Message Received!” by Patti Rae Fletcher, is my short memoir about several crazy coincidences, déjà vu moments, those strange instances that give you the goosebumps, or the tingles that race on your spine, or that have you shaking your head and asking yourself, “Did that just happen?” Those moments when things become crystal clear or totally change the whole way you previously thought about a situation.

I feel these sorts of experiences happen to everyone, but we are so busy, sometimes, we brush off the signs that the Universe is trying to give us, or think it’s nonsense. I’ve done exactly that until recently when I sat down and tried to figure out my life, my purpose and why I’m here and why things happen(ed) the way they do or did. These signs that were gifted to me brought with them messages that I was meant to receive at the precise perfect moment.

Writing is and has always  been therapeutic for my heart, mind and soul. I’ve kept diaries and journals most of my life, but this came out of me like a freight train and brought such clarity to the many difficult questions that I’d struggled with for the past few years, especially those since my parents left their physical bodies.

The book is available through me, and will be at the library system soon.

Hard cover, (28.95) soft cover,(8.99) and e-books (3.99) are also available through;

Balboa Press

Barnes and Nobles


My hope is, you will follow the Patti Rae Blog to find out where the author and book signing events will be held. They will be listed soon.

Have a wonderful week everyone and thanks for stopping by.









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4 responses to “What’s Next? Letting Readers Know!

  1. Cathy Cuemnicki

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading This Sign Was Mine, Message Received!. Way to go, Meline, on making this dream come true!! I’m looking forward to your future publications!


  2. Emily A.

    Congratulations on your amazing achievement!! You should be so proud! I can’t wait to get my copy today!! 🙂


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