Summer Vacation and Updates

I’m celebrating my 120th weekly post on Writing Naturally with some recaps of the past and then taking a couple of weeks off.

I’m so grateful for your continued support by reading, sharing, and commenting on my blog throughout the past two years, and hope you continue to do so. I love hearing from you privately or in the comment section. I’ll be back soon with some exciting news and several surprise interviews you won’t want to miss.

Updates from past articles

C.C. My crazy cardinal finally stopped head banging on my windows after a month. The baby robins made their debut last week and their small peeps got stronger the two days we were there. I can’t wait to see them this weekend.  I’ve seen two families of Canadian geese showing off their fluffy goslings. I’m sure more are hatching as I write this.

They grow so fast

They grow so fast



Mother Robin

Mother Robin






My Granddaughter’s Garden (It Was a Fairy Good Easter, link)

“Grandma, Grandma, come see, a fairy left me a message on the chalk board.” The fairy thanked my granddaughter for creating such a lovely garden and asked for the garden keepers name. The fairy signed her name as, Mari.

My granddaughter replied with her name and asked, (via chalkboard) if she could see Mari sometime?

She also told me, she knew the fairies had visited her garden because she makes sure to close the gates and they are always left open when checks.

Such excitement when a fairy visits.

IMG_3090 (800x600) IMG_3083 (800x600)





Bathroom Complete (link to Walls Came Tumbling Down)

So Happy It Didn't Turn Out Like This

So Happy It Didn’t Turn Out Like This









With the bathroom finished, I have a husband again and he needed a well deserved break. We had a fabulous time at the lake house last weekend, barbecuing, relaxing, fishing, deck-sitting, and shopping with friends.

Day's End

Day’s End

Can't judge a lake by it's size

Can’t judge a lake by its size










Dave’s progress on the Little Rascal  (Some Assembly Required, link)

Little Rascal's Progress

Little Rascal’s








Got Veggies (article link)

One year and eight months with a green juice a day at lunch time. I can honestly say, “It has kept the Dr. away.” I feel better than I ever have. There is a powdered form available that is convenient to use when I travel or run out of time. It’s made by Garden of Life and comes in many flavors. It can be mixed with water or juice and I think it’s quite tasty, (Doesn’t look so pretty though).

Salmon Burger

Small Salmon Burger







I want to wish everyone a fabulous, happy, healthy, memory making summer. See you in a few weeks.


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  1. George Moore

    Truly love reading your posts. Keep them coming.

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