The Royal Comeback





Use it or Lose it, is a phrase that my husband and I generally agree upon when it comes to decluttering the house. But, there are always those, I just can’t part with items. I don’t have many, but ran across one that we have discussed many times.

At least twice a year when the basement gets cleaned and reorganized,  I can expect the question, “Can I pitch this now?” my husband asks, “You know it will never get used again.”

Without hesitation, the resounding answer is a firm, “no!” He’s probably right, I’ll never use it again.

The memory is still vivid of when I opened the large box and was so excited and surprised to receive this very special gift from my husband. It was a Royal, a top quality brand. This was back in the early eighties, money was tight, we were both working multiple jobs trying to make the house payments every month.

Did you think my surprise gift was a Royal vacuum? They were around then too, but no it wasn’t a vacuum, thank goodness.  This box contained an electric typewriter, the full-blown electric Royal Deluxe Office Model. I recall a crazy energetic Happy Dance and lots of hugs! I was so thrilled to have my own typewriter. I can  remember my hands shook as I opened the box.

I spent many hours with a smile on my face as I typed letters, resume’s and filled out forms. I  practiced for days on my speed before going on job interviews.

I have no doubt my husband spent more money on that typewriter than some computers costs today.

Only now that I am a writer, do I understand my overwhelming internal excitement for that gift several decades ago, and the fact that I can’t part with it.

My husband was wrong about one thing though, the Royal got dusted off yesterday and was used to create a fun grocery list by my granddaughter. She thought it was the coolest thing ever! She tried to type like Flint in the movie, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

I love it!

I love it!

The Royal Returns

The Royal Returns






Do you have any items you just can’t part with?



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2 responses to “The Royal Comeback

  1. I had a Smith-Corona and happily sold it in my garage sale. It got me through college, though. (How did we ever manage without PCs?) I have several things I can’t give away even though they have no use, although they aren’t as big as a typewriter. They belonged to my mom, and that’s why I keep them.

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  2. Jill

    Oh Mel, keep the typewriter!


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