C. C. My Crazy Cardinal

He looks like a cardinal. He sings like a cardinal, so he must be one, right? He doesn’t act like any cardinal I’ve seen before. I’ve come to the conclusion he is possessed.








I work close to window

I work close to window






This silly bird  wakes me up every morning knocking, banging, and bombarding my windows in the sun porch. Sometimes he hits them softly, but more often than not he body slams into them, sounding more like an eagle instead of a tiny bird. I expect to see his limp feathered body slide down the tall window like a smashed cartoon character.

It never fails as I’m looking out at the peaceful water, he comes out of nowhere. BAM! He hits the glass right in front of my face, and of course, I about go through the roof. I bet he’s saying, “Gotcha … Again,” and laughing at me as I call him a few names! He’s been doing this for three weekends now.

I’ve hung things on the windows, closed the blinds. I’ve tried to figure out this obsession he seems to have, with no success. I’m not sure if he’s a prankster that gets his kicks out of making me jump or if he’s suicidal.

I’ve gone outside and stared at the window trying to see what he sees. I see reflections of the trees and water. I have read that cardinals are territorial and protect their nests, but it’s the robins who have nested in my small tree right in front of those windows. And this doesn’t explain C. C. and my car windshield.

I’ve noticed other birds like sparrows cling on my screens or gutters and eat the tiny insects, which I understand, but, a cardinals diet is made up of mostly of seeds and fruit.

Sometimes after a good clunk on a window, C. C. lands on the rocking chair on the back deck and appears to be looking in at me, watching, just watching. I’ll be honest, sometimes this bird creeps me out.

He uses the top of the windshield on my car for his entertainment as a slide.  I swear I can almost hear him saying weee as he slides down onto the wipers. He does this several times in-between  hitting the porch windows. My car appears to be his very own fun-house and unfortunately his outhouse too.

Speculating on C. C.’s morning agenda:

I must hit each window at least three times before noon.

I can’t help but smother myself with kiss’ in those tiny circle mirrors on the sides of that red car. I get better lookin’ everyday!

Time for my goose imitation. Practice bobbing my head in the mirror…oh yeah baby, I make this look good!

After that it’s off to the top of the windshield. I’m only supposed to slide once, but can’t help myself and have to slide down at least three times.

I must sing now, so I screech a tune as loud as I can for all to enjoy.

Okay, breaks over, back to work…time to hit the next window, hmm did I hit the second or third one last time? I better hit that second one again just in case I missed it. BAM!

I can’t wait to hit the next six windows. I bet that crazy lady at her computer will jump and screech again! Hahahahah! I think she said a bad word yesterday.


For a tiny bit . . .

I felt sorry for this strange bird thinking maybe he had a sight or a coordination condition. I realized he didn’t when he landed on a branch or on my bird bath with no problem.

After observing him each day I’ve finally decided to accept him as is, in all of his glorious goofiness and enjoy his show as he is enjoying mine.

Next Weeks Blog-update and pictures of the finished bathroom. (fingers crossed) Maybe I’ll accent this new room in a cardinal theme-NOT!

Thanks for reading and sharing my blogs.













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5 responses to “C. C. My Crazy Cardinal

  1. kathy

    That is one crazy bird. Your blogs are wonderful… Thank you. Can’t wait to see the finished bathroom.


  2. Vicki Roarty

    Some people use fake owls to scare away unwanted birds. I do not know if it works.We had a pesky roadrunner that kept pecking at his reflection in the
    window and tore a hole in the screen, Good Luck, Vicki


  3. This is a good one too! I must have the same one or its sibling! But mine is an oriole!! We just live in a good bird spot! Love this. Waiting on pictures. Glo


  4. Maybe he is looking for a companion. Another bird, and when he see’s his reflection in the windows, he thinks it’s another bird. Goes to it and BAM..hits the window knocks the sense out of himself and does a repeat. Maybe find a fake Cardinal bird and put it out on the table and see what he does. Silly CC.


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