Lilac Sniffin’ & Cloud Painting

Things you may or may not know.

Lilacs are my favorite flower.

I wish they blossomed all summer but their fragrant blooms only last about three weeks in the spring.

The foliage makes a nice privacy fence along our alley and hides the wood pile in the summer season.

Things you can do with lilacs;

Sniff them

Cut them for arrangements

Because their wood is dense their trunks and branches have been used to create musical instruments. Their wood is also used to make assorted handles to a variety of items, like knives.

You can even eat the flowers if you so choose. (I would much rather sniff them.)

Sniffin' lilacs all morning

Sniffin’ lilacs all morning, it’s addictive



Yes, I have work to do. I keep getting distracted.




Fabulous Blooms This Year

Fabulous Blooms This Year


I think this is the best year for blossoms yet.




Lilacs can be pruned right after blooming, but not too much or they won’t bloom the following season. (Hmm, I wonder how I know this? I’ll just say it wasn’t me who is guilty of the over trimming deed.)

You can share a bit of trivia  with whoever will listen . . . lilacs and the olive are relatives. (Who would’ve thought?)

These spring blooming bushes are quick-growing and durable in way below zero freezing winters.

Lilacs can live to be over a hundred years old.

The clouds entertained me today while I was on my walk.

Should Have Been Fishing

Photo by M. M. S. 5/14/15


Probably shouldn’t have done so much sniffin’ and gone fishing!





Search and Find

Search and Find


Loved all the soft feathered swirls, I tripped twice trying to walk with my head tilted toward the sky.




Until next week my friends. Thank you for dropping by and sharing my blogs. Hopefully, I will be able to share some BIG news with you soon.


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3 responses to “Lilac Sniffin’ & Cloud Painting

  1. Vicki Roarty

    Sorry to say,I am allergic to both lilacs and ornamental olive trees, Darn
    Vicki Roarty


  2. I love lilacs too 🙂 My mom had several lilac bushes planted in a row between our house and the neighbors’. I could smell them in my bedroom if the window was open. Our yard now is too shady for lilacs, but I love seeing them blooming around town or on Mackinac Island. Some on the island have big trunks and are probably the hundred-year-old varieties.


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