It Was A Fairy Good Easter

I”m not sure who was more excited, me or my granddaughter.

When she first arrived she spotted her empty Easter basket next to the sofa. Her smile turned upside down. At the bottom of the basket there were twelve note cards with short hints on where to find her surprises. The instructions were to find the items and place them in her basket without unwrapping them.

It's Empty Grandma!

It’s Empty Grandma!






When she found them and returned to the family room, her basket was heaped with colorful tissue paper. Her upside down frown turned into a full face grin mixed with excited giggles.

This one is heavy!

This one is heavy!






The first thing she opened was a mesh bag of pebbles, then a tiny wire table and chair set, a teeny watering can, a tall wire arch, (so even the bigger fairies could fit through) some plastic flowering bushes, a magic door, bird bath, bright flower buttons, a miniature chalk board, some polka-dotted mushrooms, and a clear bag of pink, green, and twisted straw moss.

My husband had spray painted an old medicine cabinet (the box part) glitter gold and I filled it with some potting soil. We left this on the deck. (It was a good thing to build outside and we were lucky enough that the weather cooperated.) My granddaughter put the unwrapped items back into the basket and we went outside to watch her build her fairy garden.

IMG_3083 (800x600) IMG_3084 (800x600)IMG_3085 (800x600)




Now all we have to do is wait for the fairies to show up.

Waiting . . .

Waiting . . .






I began picking up these tiny things when I saw them on sale last summer. I had no idea when or how I was going to present them to her. Then when people began sharing their egg hiding stories, I thought, Easter and spring would be a perfect time to start a fairy garden.

Are there any good fairy picture books out there that anyone can recommend? Or any other fairy garden stories that you have? I would love hear them.



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5 responses to “It Was A Fairy Good Easter

  1. barri

    Loved reading this 🙂 You are cresting such wonderful memories with her ♥

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  2. Carol Simmons

    What  a neat idea.  I don’t know any fairy stories, but I think I have seen accessories for a fairy garden at Hoods.  When I was at Eva’s yesterday, we saw Mitch taking stuff into her garage.  I always wonder where we are going to fit everything come garage sale time, but it always works.  I have been accumulating even more stuff, like we don’t have enough.  I have been going to a small group of ladies over at the Southgate senior center.  The lady in charge of that has wanted to clean out their craft room, so guess who is helping her.  I have brought home three car loads of stuff so far, and we aren’t done yet.  If you know any crafty ladies, see if they can use plastic canvas, needlepoint patterns, counted cross stitch fabric and patterns, and lots of yarn and other stuff.  I think I have gotten into it a bit too much.  Today we cleaned off several shelves of craft, quilt and other books.  I brought home a pile of them probably 3 feet high.     Anyway, hope things are going okay with you.  Sending you a hug.  

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  3. What a clever Easter memory for your grand daughter. Just recently I made my own Fairy Garden with Sharon at a local library. I had never heard of this before! I know I am lame. Really enjoyed your blog this time, as always. Spring is fast approaching. See you soon. Love, Glo

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  4. Whenever I see fairy garden supplies, I think of you and last summer! I’m so glad you figured out the best way to invite the fairies to come. Wonderful idea! And Mel, why don’t YOU write a fairy story??

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  5. Christine Na'imah

    What a great idea!! And I’d love to read your fairy story… you should write one! 😀

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