Working On Self-Improvement

Where should I begin? Does it ever end?

It’s Hard To Be Humble (for some more than others) Click back arrow to return to blog.

Singer/songwriter  Mac Davis says it all in this song. I know a few people like this.

Working on self-improvement for me is an everyday lifelong journey. I take baby steps and try one thing at a time so I don’t overwhelm myself.

My self-improvement list is quite long. Listed below are a few things I’ve worked on and feel like they’ve made a huge difference in my life.

Being aware of my negative attitude has helped me to become a more positive person. Attitude is truly that one thing that I can control, (most of the time).

I’ve changed my eating habits and incorporated an organic raw vegetable juice daily. This has produced amazing results, internal and external.

Beginning my day with a cup of coffee and reading positive quotes rather than listening to the news or reading the newspaper has played an important part for me becoming a more positive person. Giving up the news and paper was a tough habit to break, but I’m happy I did. During trying times I found that these two forms of media caused an infinite feeling of doom.

This year, my latest endeavor is Yoga, something I never thought I would do. I’ve listened to my friends talk about it for years and have always been skeptical. For one thing my balance has never been great, but my biggest fear appeared on the front of a birthday cards this year, guess that’s what I get for sharing my fears.

American Greetings Card

American Greetings Card



Inside card –  Have a Relaxing Birthday, (but not too relaxing)


Basic Yoga Poses Illustration (scroll to the bottom of link)


Child’s Pose

Down Dog



I’ve learned that yoga is more than Twister type poses and stretches. It’s about the breath, clearing the mind, and the connection with body and soul.

At the beginning of each class the instructor says to set an intention. I struggled with this. When I got brave enough to ask she explained, it can be about anything . . .  guidance, gratitude, forgiveness, or an affirmation. The intention can relate to something or someone that weighs heavy on your mind or to yourself. You can think of one thing per couple of breaths or a combination. There’s no right or wrong way.

So far so good, I haven’t farted or fallen. Although, I have to confess the wall has caught me a few times.

Advanced Holistic Health was the perfect place for me to be introduced to the Yoga Practice and they offer a groupon to first timers. I’ve only been practicing for about a month, but have already noticed a difference in my core strength. I can hold the poses longer and am able to clear my mind quicker to focus on my intention.

What self-improvement methods have worked for you?









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