My Adventures in Albuquerque, NM (Part 1)

Refreshing the spirit and soul, New Mexico is the place to go!

Thankfully, our pilot made the left turn into the ALBUQUERQUE airport late Friday evening. I’ve never seen so many lights over such a vast area. The bus driver welcomed us to the Land Of Enchantment as he took us to our rental car. I was even more enchanted when I saw Albuquerque at sunrise.

Youtube video and song, The Lights of Albuquerque, by Jim Glaser (saw many of these lights and sights shown in video)

Ellen, my life-time friend since high school (and the best tour guide ever) decided we’d explore this area before going on to her parents home in Las Cruces, where they’ve lived for twenty-two years. Ellen’s daughter, Allison and her husband Andrew, from NC joined us for the week.

I’ll never forget Albuquerque for many reasons, but the first is, it’s authentic Mexican breakfast of huevos rancheros, (eggs and meat, covered with lots of green chili gravy, all on top of a homemade tortilla). Little did I know that my green chili addition had begun.

Our motel wasn’t fancy, but I thought it was exceptional. It had an original sign from Route 66 and even more important, it was spotless.

Original Rte 66 Sign

Original Rte 66 Sign






It was Andrew’s first opportunity to golf in a desert and while he was thrilled to experience that, us ladies decided to take the nearby Sandia Tram up to the top of Sandia Peak.  We ascended enclosed in a cart, swaying in the mountain winds, hanging from wires over 10,300 feet above the dry grounds of the desert. It was the best two point seven miles of scenery I’ve ever seen in my life.The temperature at ground level was in the mid fifties, which felt like summer to us Michiganders.

The views of the canyons and forests were extraordinary and breathtaking.  The tram operator stopped at the tip-top where there was a ski resort, lots of snow and the highest full-service restaurant in North America. The temperature was below freezing and the skiers were dressed for the climate. We were not.

It messes with your senses to stand in a desert in a line and a few minutes later you’re in a winter wonderland.

Note, if you’re ever in New Mexico, and have an adult beverage at  higher altitudes, perma-grin may smack you in the face rather quickly. Whoosh, let the vacation begin! Oh my, so much fun!

This isn't a zip line, is it?

This isn’t a zip line, is it?





Two Tram Shadows

Two Tram Shadows. We are in the one going up Top of the World      10,378 feetTop of the World 10,378 feet with an 11,000 sq. mile panoramic view

Shall we have lunch?

Shall we have lunch?







That evening, our next adventure takes place within walking distance of our motel, in Albuquerque’s historic old town. We learned a tiny bit of the cities immense history and a few stories about its infamous ghosts. It was a fabulous time, good eats, some spine tingling tales, and we met some wonderful fun people with crazy stories of their own.

Old Town Ghost Pub Crawl

Old Town Ghost Pub Crawl






Our Last Huant

Our Last Haunt FB picture


History & Ghost Tours of Old Town, Albuquerque  We were informed of the ghost stories, histories and paranormal investigations of Old Town’s haunted locations. The toast a ghost tour was great.





Early Sunday morning was the Valentine Balloon Festival/Rally in Albuquerque. We had the opportunity to get up close and personal with the owners and crews of their kaleidoscopic array of hot air balloons. We watched over a hundred and thirty-five lift off, cheering for them all.

Up, Up, and Away

Up, Up, and Away






After a quick  breakfast it was off to Las Cruces to see Ell’s wonderful parent’s, Don and Vicki.

Our NM adventures had only just begun!

Next week, I’ll take you along to the desert hot springs, desert sledding, and introduce you to some wonderful nuts.


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  1. George Moore

    What a beautiful place. So serene, and what scenery. One day.

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