Vacation Time!

TIME OUT TO REFRESH AND RENEW THE SOUL  (sound bite, click back arrow to return to page)

FYI – My next blog post won’t be until the first week in March.


An add-on from last weeks post, I Will Not Complain About the Weather.  My gratitude also goes to all trash and recycle collection employees who work in all the elements. Where would our world be without them?


My brother-in-laws baby,  is coming along splendidly.

Previous article Some Assembly Required. 

It Has Begun

It Has Begun

From This To...

From This To . . .






100_0323 (800x600)

And This . . .

To This So Far

To This So Far

Coming Together Nicely

Coming Together Nicely






And that’s all for now folks! There is packing to be done. See you in March.


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  1. Have a wonderful and warm vacation, Mel!

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