I Will Not Complain About The Weather

Note To Myself

Remember those people who work outside their entire shift, everyday, in all the elements and don’t complain about the weather.

Things I Used To Take For Granted 

As I sit here in my toasty warm office, the wind rattles the window, the snow swirls outside, I think about my sons. They have both worked outside in the railroad yard for several years. I wonder often if they made it to work safely on the snow-covered slick roads. I hope they’re dressed warm enough to be out in this mess for their ten-hour shift?

I shiver when I think about how many times the icy rain has found its way to the collar of my coat and run down my neck, or when I shovel the snow and it is so deep it creeps over the top of my boots. I feel like I’ll never be warm again. Brrr! I wonder how my son’s can stand working outside, but neither of them ever complain and both seem to enjoy their jobs.

Because of my sons working in the elements, I’ve become more aware of my complaints. I try to think of all the people who work outdoors, not only my sons, and I know most are never told to stay home because of any seasonal weather conditions.

Railroad Yard

Railroad Yard






Being Grateful

I’m especially appreciative for the late start to our snowfall this winter season. My husband broke his foot while jogging in September.

This experience has taught us great empathy, respect, and admiration for all those who have to use crutches, or are in wheel chairs, using walkers or canes and/or with any kind of physical disability. It takes courage, strength, great effort, and care to get in and out of a vehicle, and going up and down steps is downright scary on normal day, but then add snow and ice.  Whew, it’s treacherous!

Let’s Talk About Heat

I try to remember in those sweltering dog days of summer all those who work at a steel mill around furnaces which are thousands of degrees. I can’t imagine doing this type of work either, but am grateful for those who do and all those who have in the past. Where would our world be without steel?

Our buildings and homes are held together with steel beams, our automobiles, and machines of all sorts, weapons for our military, internal parts of many things, cans, aluminum foil, tools, etc . . . are all made from steel. These jobs aren’t always pleasant, but make such a difference in our world.

Now that's HOT!

Now that’s HOT!






Besides being thankful to my immediate family for the jobs that they do and the services and products they provide, they’re many other jobs where employees have to bear the elements of the weather year around.

In Appreciation To

Our military service men and women that work and sometimes sleep outdoors in all conditions,

Firemen and women,

Emergency vehicles,

Our wonderful postal workers,

The snow removal teams,

The road repair crews,

Electricians, Plumbers, and Furnace repairmen that are called to do jobs outside or with no heat inside,

Telephone and Cable repair personal that keep us connected, no matter what,

Mason’s and Welders can be called anytime and go anywhere to do their jobs,

Our dedicated farmers,

Ski instructors, lift operators, mechanical team and grounds keepers,

Skating rink attendants and maintenance,

Storm Chasers/Scientist,

Now That's Scary

Now That’s Scary






Could you fix that cable?

Could you fix that cable?






Thank You!

And these people and the dedicated jobs they do everyday are the reasons why,

I will not complain about the weather.


P.S. My apologies to any of those who work outdoors that I may have missed. Let me know and I’ll add your position to the list.







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2 responses to “I Will Not Complain About The Weather

  1. Carol Simmons

    Hi Meline – I enjoyed your recent post.  You have a wonderful way with words.Eva told me that you shared with her that Mitch got rid of the cast on his foot, but can’t put any weight on it for a couple of weeks.  Did you have a coming out party for his foot?  I’ll bet it smelled lovely.  Maybe you could put the old cast out in the garage to keep the mice out!!His confinement and inability to do much has no doubt been trying for both of you.  Maybe you should have buried him in a snowdrift to hibernate till his foot heals.  There certainly is plenty of snow to do just that.Nothing exciting happening here.  Eva called me and we had a good chat several days ago.  I really miss that lady.  Ken and Karen are getting her mail and keeping an eye on things, as I am sure you are doing also.  I have to call one of them to see if Eva’s credit card bill has come.  She left me a blank check to take care of it.   I went to the library last Saturday for their knit-it-together thing.  I have to force myself to get out and mingle and be social.  I would rather just stay here alone but then I get grouchy and need to get out.I wasn’t impressed with the knit session.  The same lady, I think her name is Christine, was the leader person.  Some years back, she headed a similar group, but had to drop it cause she had a difficult pregnancy and I think she took a maternity leave.  She greeted me by name, and even remembered where I live.  Why would she remember stuff like that?  I truly enjoy sitting in that room upstairs and just getting a lot of crocheting done.  First time I went, there were only four of us, but last week there were maybe a dozen.  Not as friendly as my group at St. Cyprian’s but then, it’s not fair to compare them.  That old house part of the library reminds me so much of the house in Toledo where my parents lived.  It was built in 1891.  Old houses are charming but sometimes difficult to maintain and heat.The park is lovely and quiet under its blanket of snow.  I enjoy just looking out the front window and seeing all that space.  Don’t think I would ever like to live somewhere else and have to see more houses across my street.  Think I’ll stay here for a long time, hope so anyway.I share your concern about people who have to work outside.  My son Dan drives a big semi to Toronto and back nearly every day.  I can’t even think about that, so try not to, but sometimes my fusser kicks into overdrive.  Too bad someone can’t arrange surgery for removal of fussers.Hope things are going well with you.  Take care, keep warm, keep safe.Hugs,    Carol 


  2. Dear Mel,
    I have been very bad, not keeping in touch with you over the fall and early winter months. Time seems to fly the older one gets. My mom used to tell me that routinely but I never believed her until recently!!

    I really appreciated your comments about folks out in the weather. My father was an iron worker, brother – excavator (removing snow in winter) nephews – triee trimmers – for Edison/Consumers and truck drivers (long haulers) so I get it. Me – retired and don’t leave the house unless it is clear, sunny and at least 30 degrees. LOL Not the smartest thing, selling my
    Florida home in December.

    Glad to hear Mitch is on the mend and hopefully he will spend more time out at Holiday this summer.

    Can’t wait to catch up with you this summer. See you then or if the weather gets better later we could meet for lunch. I am staying with my daughter in Rochester Hills until I decide what to do. Old age you know. ha ha



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