Introducing Mickey and Hip Hop

HAPPY NEW YEAR– Here’s hoping everyone has a bright and healthy 2015!

About a New Book and its Author

A bit of a teaser-Mickey is not a mouse and Hip Hop isn’t a bunny.

One person I know for sure is excited to begin 2015 and that is my cousin, one very sweet author, Christine Shannon. Her debut children’s picture book (ages 6-8, 32 pages) made its first appearance in December 2014, and is now available through Amazon. She is looking forward to getting her book into the hands of many children. Mickey and Hip Hop (a boy and his frog) is a book about best buds and letting go. Chris does a nice job of easing the pain of this truth.

It's finally here!

It’s finally here!







We had a lovely breakfast one morning and she shared her excitement with me and of course I bombarded her with a million questions. Here are Chris’s answers to several of them.

1) What gave you the idea of writing a children’s book?
 (CS) I was talking with my neighbor, a retired doctor, one day after I retired from the banking industry and he said “Ya know, you should write a book.”  I laughed and said okay, I will. I thought about it and to my surprise the story just popped into my head. It’s about a boy and his pet frog.  The writing, story, and publishing all transpired from that point.
2) Is there something you wished someone would have told you before you self-published?
 (CS) No.  I’m really satisfied with self-publishing.  It’s a great learning experience.
3) Are you ready to entice us with your second book?
 (CS) I have one that I’m working on and two others in mind, all for children.
4) Will you go with the same publisher?
 (CS) Unfortunately, my publisher is putting her publishing business on hold for now and is pursuing other avenues in the writing world.
5) What do think is the best thing you have learned from this experience?
 (CS) A little bit of everything that involves the process of writing and publishing a book.
6) What part of this journey have you enjoyed the most and why?
 (CS) The achievement of writing a story that a child can read and enjoy.
Paperback Cover

Front Cover

Back Cover

Back Cover






Author & Illustrator

Author & Illustrator


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  1. George moore

    Just an exciting time for her. Congratulations.


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