Over the past summer I traveled to several states. We drove, so there were many eating and bathroom stops along the way. I can’t tell you many details about most of those stops, but one stands out.

At first, I was truly insulted. There in a public restroom above the sink was a colossal pictured poster about how to wash your hands properly. (It felt like it was yelling at anyone who set eyes upon it.) It made me wonder about the people in this state and why they needed detailed instructions plastered in their face. I’ve read many signs in bathrooms saying, “Employee’s must wash hands before returning to work,” and have always thought how sad people have to be reminded.

After viewing the poster, because I had no choice, it turns out the people in that state weren’t the only ones to have trouble with this task.

I have been washing my hands incorrectly for my entire life. I’m not sure how I have survived all these decades. But, I’m not the only one. According to this article about antibacterial soaps, Dr. Mercola, says only five percent of people wash their hands in an effective manner that actually kills germs. At least I’m not alone.

My screw-up begins with step one. How embarrassing is that?  I’ve always hit the soap dispensers first, then the water. “WOW!” How stupid do I feel?

Now, I’m sort of obsessed. I watch other’s to see if they wash their hands properly. Well, let me tell you, I feel much better now, because most people do not, and when one does I’m impressed and tempted to applaud and ask how they learned the proper method. I refrain in fear that I would be construed as a crazy bathroom lady and people may hurt themselves running out the door. (I’m sure they learned from those detailed posters somewhere.)

Unfortunately, there have been many walk out without making any effort at this difficult task of proper hand-washing. No wonder, Mom always said to use a paper towel when opening the doors.

I can say that I now have mastered the proper hand-washing procedure. (Most of the time)

Hmm, guess every restroom should have a poster and a reminder that it only takes twenty-one days to form a new germ-free habit.

Happy December Everyone!


Yep, I’m Embarrassed!






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