Winter Projects!

I have two things I would like to accomplish this season.

First, is to finish a crewel Christmas stocking that I began last Thanksgiving for my only granddaughter.

I Had Forgotten

I Had Forgotten






It’s funny how over the years our interests, tastes, and hobbies change.  When I made each of my sons stockings and one for my nephew, I was excited to work on them. I made my oldest sons while I was pregnant, not knowing if I was having a girl or boy. (His stocking is Raggedy Ann and Andy.) Of course I was in my twenties and into sewing many projects back then.

How did I get myself into this predicament? Hmm! It was two Christmas’ ago my granddaughter asked why her stocking was different from her dad’s and uncles. She noticed hers didn’t have her name stitched on it with fancy glittered gold thread. Hers didn’t have any stuffed seasonal characters with  shiny sequins sewn around the edges. That was because hers was purchased at Meijers. Observant little tyke, my granddaughter is.

Anyway, when she found out I had sewn every stitch and sequin by hand, she asked for one like her dads. I explained that I had made those stockings a long time ago and I didn’t even know if stores still sold the kits. The ones I had made for the boys came as a complete package which included, felt appliques, sequins, beads, embroidery thread, and needles. They were available at any craft store back then.

This is something I should want to do, be excited to do, but I’m not. That fact makes me feel like a bad grandmother. It doesn’t matter that my eyes aren’t near as good, or my interest and patience for hand sewing things flew the coup over twenty-five years ago.

That February, after my granddaughter’s request, I happened to be at Michael’s for something, and low and behold on the clearance table was one Christmas item, a stocking kit with a lovely bright Santa on the front. It was marked down to ninety-nine cents. What the crap! I knew it was a sign.  I had to buy it, I had to make it for my granddaughter, like it or not.

I became overwhelmed just looking at the package. So much so, it sat in the drawer for a long time. I thought about paying someone to make it for me, but then the guilt took over. It wouldn’t be the same.

I finally worked up my brave before last Thanksgiving. I found my strongest reading glasses, a good light and I opened the package. At least a billion multicolored beads and sequins bounced everywhere, on the counter and across the wood floor, down the register. What was I thinking? Tears are not a good start to any project!

My memory on how many hours  it takes to create this sort of stocking obviously had failed me too.  Christmas Eve had arrived and I wasn’t even half way done. I put the stocking into a drawer with the thought that maybe I would work on it during the summer months and have it ready for the 2014 Christmas.

Summer has come and gone and the partial stocking just came out of the drawer yesterday. At this rate, maybe I’ll have it finished when she goes away to college.

Fifty Seven days until Christmas Eve-I’ve got this folks-Ha! I’ll keep you posted.

Tiny Beads and Sequins

Tiny Beads and Sequins






My Second Winter Project… is to find a creative way to put together a collage of my families old photographs to display in my office.

Has anyone seen or done something fun with old black and white photos?(lots of them) I would love to hear your idea(s).

Please email me or share in the comment section.




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2 responses to “Winter Projects!

  1. Dear Mel –
    Reading your blog is exactly like spending time and having a conversation face to face with you. I so enjoy your sending this to me. Have a great winter and please finish that stocking!!!


    • Thanks for your comment, although I’m not sure if sounding like me in person is a good thing or not? Miss you, hope you are settled back in feeling some comfort from all the good summer memories.



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