skeleton-clip-art-LiKqEnzia (325x325)

For your entertainment-a bit of exercise and a poem.






Bones are good for many things like, boiling, broiling, and gnawing.

You can pick a bone, bury a bone, create arrow heads from bones, throw your dog a bone, name your band Bone, or break a bone. (Please forget that last one!)



M.M. Scheidel


Our body is made up of 206 bones

Babies have over 300  known


They fuse together as children grow

To create human structure, head to toe


Over half our bones are in our hands and feet

These four limbs are the ones we tend to mistreat


So guess where most breaks occur

It doesn’t matter if you are a him or her


If you’re extra careful and alert

Possibly you’ll remain unhurt


You can believe me when I say

Casts and crutches make it hard to play









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