It Flies!

Is it a grasshopper, a bird, a plane, a dragonfly?

grasshpper bird-cartoon120706









Samolet-13 dragonfly




No, none of the above. It’s flies even faster and is invisible . . . It’s called, the passage of time! Holy Moley!

I can’t believe it has been twelve months since I set my mind to write a weekly post instead of a monthly one. I’ve learned how to do many things on this site and still feel like I have a lot to learn concerning blogging.

The first of the weekly posts appeared on 09/20/13. I remember the panic, and wondered what on Earth would I write about for fifty-two weeks? And how I hoped someone would actually read them.

In the first few posts I spoke about being and orphan, sending my middle grade novel to publishers, finding a summer place on the lake, and my goal for raw juicing.


Middle Grad Novel-“Holler’s Pond” – Over the year, I have collected two rejects and have one under-consideration through Milkweek Press. I’m in the process of revamping the cover letter and plan on sending it out to the next three publishers on my list.

Lake HouseWriting Retreat– Over the summer I finished a rough draft of my second book, (an adult-non-fiction). It is presently going through my critique group. I will do a second revision after the critiques and put it away for a few weeks and then re-read it,work on a final draft, and send it out into the world.

Raw Vegetable Juicing-I began juicing on October 2, 2013 and can proudly say it has worked. I drink ten to sixteen ounces of raw veggie juice everyday for lunch. My reason, to help lower my out-of-control cholesterol. My numbers are at a satisfactory level. Still not perfect, but over a hundred points lower than before I was juicing daily.  I feel healthy. I’ve lost a few pounds, and  I’ve only had one cold in twelve months. My skin is smoother and brighter. I know without a doubt my body craves and needs raw veggies in high doses. I can’t live without the juicing now. But the best thing is, I don’t have to take any prescriptions.

One more plus to raw veggie juicing, I discovered today . . . I had my six month teeth cleaning appointment and I was told by my hygienist that my gum pocket numbers were all up to fours on my previous chart. The optimum number is three. She said my gums were pink, I had no heavy tartar or stains (like usual) and my pocket numbers were much improved at all threes. She was impressed and asked for my recipe! Here’s the recipe if anyone else is interested. everyday-juice-recipe I have created this one using veggies that are known to be heart healthy and to lower cholesterol.

I’ve enjoyed writing this blog and sharing these parts of myself with you.

It means the world to me that you, family, friends, and guests have read my words and still have the courage to pop in weekly to see what’s up next in my life or in my random thoughts.  I AM GRATEFUL and YOU TRULY ARE BRAVE!

In Gratitude,



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