Date Night – Laith Al-Saadi

For our September date night, we had decided on a concert at the Ark in Ann Arbor. I told my husband to pick the night.  It’s always a good time. I love the intimacy of this venue and the acoustics are fabulous. The feel is comparable to being invited to a private show.

When my husband said the name of the musician performing, I asked, “Who?”

“You’ll like him,” is all he said. He was right.

Our evening began at one of our favorite places to eat in Ann Arbor, the Red Hawk Bar and Grill.

Red Hawk

Red Hawk

Red Hawks prices are reasonable. The food is always fresh, made from scratch, and is absolutely delicious. The atmosphere warm and inviting along with the smiles of the servers. It’s not long before you feel like family and are snuggled in surrounded by the charm of all the handcrafted cherry woodwork. The fact that it was once a used book store gives it that nostalgic something extra.

We ordered an appetizer of chips, yummy fresh guacamole, and red wine, before heading to The Ark for our concert.



ArkThe extremely talented, singer, songwriter, rock/blues musician, Laith Al-Saadi puts on a fabulous entertaining show. He was born and raised in the Ann Arbor area and has played with many of the greats throughout his career.

Laith sings and plays the guitar with an unforgettable passion. His soulful voice and expressions are unique and filled the room for over two and a half hours. He performed mostly solo. Although at one point Laith invited a piano player on stage. On his last song before the encore, he invited a young man to play the harmonica. They were all extraordinary.

I would highly recommend, if the opportunity arises, to see Laith Al-Saadi perform in person. He often plays locally .

His newest album “Real” is out and the songs are amazing.

I’ve included a link to a television interview with WDIV 4 “Live in the D and Laith Al-Saadi. He speaks about his authentic music and around the five-minute point performs one of my favorites songs from the concert.  He wrote this one while he was in New Orleans. “The Last Time You’ll See Me Cry”

I enjoyed the entire evening and am already anxious for our October’s date night.


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  1. Very well written my friend! The artist should use this as an
    invitation/advertisement! See you next year. Have a wonderful
    winter and many “date nights”


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