Reflections on Summer

And what an amazing SUMMER it was! (and it’s not officially over until Sept. 22)

Had lots of fun with the people I love most.

Lake House – Didn’t get pictures of everyone, but enjoyed the company of, Mitch, Dave, Mandy, Rick, Barri, Jim, Jan, Lindsay, Peggy, Ellen, Alex, Nicole, Rita, Vivian, Cyndi, Gracie, Jacob and the summer’s not over yet…stop by!

GJS-Rock Conquered

GJS-Rock Conquered

Traveled to several states including:

Ohio-Fort Meigs-Mitch and I

IMG_1864 (480x640) (480x640)

Indiana-Shishewanna Ladies Retreat-

Shipshe-Ladies Retreat

Shipshe-Ladies Retreat

North Carolina-Andrew and Allison & Animal Babies

A & A

A & A

Tennessee-Mike, Nancy, Uncle Joe, Aunt Vi, Miles,

Mike, Nancy, Miles

Mike, Nancy, Miles

Virginia-Virginia Beach

Ellen, Emily, Dustin, Allison

Ellen, Emily, Dustin, Allison


How could I forget all my nature visitors at the Lake.

Murphy Muskrat

Murphy Muskrat

IMG_1772 (640x480)

Tommy Turtle



IMG_1803 (640x480)

Geese Family

IMG_2273 (640x480)

Duck Family #3

IMG_2256 (640x480)


IMG_2303 (640x480)

Bunny Baby

IMG_2379 (640x568)


IMG_2444 (640x480)

Blue Heron

IMG_2421 (640x480)

Baby Robin

Baby Robin












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2 responses to “Reflections on Summer

  1. Carol Simmons

    Hi Mel – I just read your most recent post on facebook. What a neat bunch of photos. However, if you want to see Canadian geese, just check out the park early in the morning. I thought they were after worms and critters in the grass, but someone said that they really like new wet grass and I guess there is plenty of that there. And they left big footprints in the ground on one of the ball diamonds. I caught a possum recently, the neighbor got a raccoon and a couple of possums, so I don’t have to go to the lake to check out the wildlife. Got any recipes for possum stew? Hope to see you sometime over the weekend. Don’t know if you are planning to go up to the lake. Keep safe.


    • Hi Carol,

      Thanks for your kind words on my photos. I take lots of walks and always have my camera. If it doesn’t come to me, I find it on my walk. Anyway, love nature and always have. Being by the water fills me with complete happiness.


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