Holiday Shores and More

Recently I’ve had two people ask me if I’m keeping Holiday Shores to myself. My answer is, “Oh my gosh…no, of course not. The more the merrier.”

I’ve written about specific happenings several times in my blog. It’s a resort and quite public. I believe it’s the best around, not that I’ve been many places besides Fletcher’s Pond and now I’ve grown quite partial to this magical place for many reasons.

Last week I mentioned I was beginning my second book. A major part of that story is how I discovered this place or should I say how it found me. I’ve only been to two other campgrounds in my life besides the one in Hillman. Greenwood Acres in Jackson MI.,  where my dad’s family has camped for years, and the other is, Locust Grove Co-op in Grass Lake, Mi.  I remember having a blast in both places with family and great friends.

Here is some of my favorite things about Holiday Shores RV Resort located in Durand Mi., between Flint and Lansing.

Our lot is on a hill over-looking one of several small lakes

I catch fish almost every time I go out

I have all the nature I need with a wooded area and a walking path

I’m less than eight miles from everything, shopping, restaurants, pharmacy, and antique stores

It’s quiet, except for the trains,  Durand is famous for its Historical Train Station. I love trains and all their sounds.

I feel safe.

And most of all I have indoor plumbing (I’ve camped all my life using outhouses so this is a really BIG deal)

(Construction is in progress as I write this for a new clubhouse in front of the golf course.)

There are plenty of choices of things to do here. It has almost 600 sites. You can camp nightly, weekly, monthly or seasonally (May 1 to Oct 31.) There’s a nine hole golf course, small beach, playground, tennis courts, and annual events such as, outings to local restaurants, craft shows, park/garage sale, golf cart poker, a weekend popcorn wagon with ice-cream, Memorial Day parade, fishing contest and fish fry, Christmas in July, and Trick or Treating in August. Prizes for the best decorated campers and golf carts. I’m not included in that since I don’t have a golf cart, but the peer pressure is beginning to get to me…

Within forty-five minutes you can be at . . .  Frankenmuth, Bronners, Birchrun Shopping, Turkeyville, Canterbury Village, or Tanger Outlet Mall in Howell.

This past weekend my husband and brother-in-law began building a small deck down by the water in front of our place. Our other dock spent most of the spring beneath the lake. You may recall some pictures on a previous blog. It was unusable and an eyesore to all the beauty surrounding it. Since we’re not in control of the water levels and ice in the winter, our solution is to build one on the land.

If you want more information on this awesome campground click on . . .  Holiday Shores Website


Popcorn Wagon

Popcorn Wagon

The Duck Family

The Duck Family

Down Hill

Down Hill

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5 responses to “Holiday Shores and More

  1. Maryjo Maffessoli

    *Hi Meline,* *I’m so jealous! Anyway, life has been good here too. I reached 28 miles for a daily total bike-riding on Sunday, 22 of which were in one continuous ride (slow but steady, I only go about 10 mph so it took two hours!). Also climbing to my 7th floor digs as many as 7 times each way per day (again slow and steady); getting firmer and stronger gradually. Wrote another poem that has been running like an underground stream for years; would like to read it out loud one of these days. Keep me posted when you’re going to a public setting and I’ll join you. Best regards to your husband; is he painting lately?* *Maryjo Maffessoli*


    • Hi Maryjo,

      Wow, and good for you. I’m horrible at riding a bike. My coordination isn’t good. Congrats on your accomplishments. You are working hard and it will pay off. I’ll let you know when I’m in town for the next poetry reading. I will go when I’m there. I promise. See you soon, Mel


  2. George Moore

    Good morning, Meline. Sounds like one tremendous place. Seems so relaxing and peaceful. Also, Jim and Jan told me about Mitch’s paintings, and that’s just awesome. Take Kristen to Alma the 23rd for move in day, and I’m going to miss her. She’s so excited, but she is going on to better things, which I realize, but it’s going to be lonely around here. You just keep up the great work you’re doing, and enjoy your place on the lake.


    • Thanks for your kind words George. It’s a great place to relax. Maybe you need to get a camper and try it out??? Best of luck to Kristen in her new school. I know she’ll do great. It is a transition though. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.


  3. Mel I continue to be amazed by you and your writings. Even though I have been here (Holiday Shores) far longer than you, you have written wonderful
    things about this resort and shared with so many people. This blog as well as the newest one is wonderful I feel as if I have been to all the places you
    have written about and it is much cheaper traveling this way! I miss you being here this week. See you soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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