Back to Reality

Now that the laundry is caught up and the bills are paid, it’s time to re-direct my focus. After such a glorious fun vacation in Tennessee, a giant thanks to my cousins, Mike and Nancy, and their grandson Miles, and also my Uncle Joe and Aunt Vi. We were overwhelmed with southern hospitality.

From their lovely home we traveled to North Carolina and spent one night with Allison (She and her sister are like daughters to me) and then on to Virginia Beach for a week.

Now home…I should be well rested and ready to get back into my writing, right? It doesn’t seem so.


Mike, Miles, Nancy

Aunt Vi

Aunt Vi

Uncle Joe

Uncle Joe

Ellen, Emily, Dustin, Allison

Ellen, Emily, Dustin, Allison











As I sit at my desk ready to conquer my quest of beginning my second book I realize I am distracted by everything and anything. My mind seems to be scattered everywhere, the dust, train whistles, the curtain swaying in the breeze, which reminds me of the ocean, and off goes my brain back to Virginia Beach.

Just as I’m wondering how to revive my focus, I receive an email from one of my on-line writing subscriptions and you’ll never guess what the title is . . . How to Maintain Focus When Writing. Just what I needed at the exact moment I needed it. I love when that happens and it happens often to me, as you will see when I finish my second book.

I’ve read past articles on focus that suggested to eat foods that are known for brainpower, such as: Yogurt, ginseng or peppermint tea, nuts and raisins, salmon or mackerel and blueberries.

Other articles suggest, cleaning your work space, meditation, exercise and working at your known peak times.

I believe all of these things help and I already do most of them. Sometimes I work in the quiet and other times I have soft music playing. The one thing I hadn’t heard about which is mentioned in the article above,  is the research that has been done on timed music and how sixty beats per minute stimulates that part of our brain that can bring about calm and creativity.

Focus Will offers a free account to those interested in giving this form of focus a try.

There are several genre’s of music you can choose from. Here are the choices . . . classical, focus spa, up tempo, alpha chill, acoustical, cinematic, ambient, water, baroque piano, ADHD beta test.

I’ve tried several of these categories, but today I credit the acoustical program for helping me stay focused long enough to write this blog post. Thank you Focus Will.

When you have a large task at hand, how do you get focused?





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