Vacationing in VB

There is nothing like a vacation with people you love, and spending that vacation in Virginia Beach on the eighteenth floor of the Ocean Beachclub has to be the best!

From the balcony the sunrises are even more spectacular. The water and sky meet and on hazy mornings and you can’t tell where one begins and other ends. The palm trees are just as gorgeous from above as they are from below, the pelicans are eye level as they fly by our window, even the guys in the helicopters wave. Oh my!

Of course the center of attention is the all-powerful Atlantic ocean seasoning the air with a sprinkling of salt and the constant sound of its rolling waves. Yellow and blue cabana’s and umbrellas dot the beach as far as you can see. The warning whistles of the lifeguards and screeches of delight can be heard from every age and race of people along the three-mile stretch of the boardwalk. A steady stream of freighters, yachts, sailboats, and battleships of all sizes drift by on the horizon.

Decisions, Decisions…

The choices are endless of things you can do and see. Besides sunning on the beach, one of my favorites is relaxing by a poolside or in a hot-tub with a tropical drink. Many people enjoy para-sailing and surfing. There are cruises available for adults and for children, charter fishing, jet ski rentals, beer and wine tasting, a variety of scrumptious meals and desserts served everywhere you look.

Free shows of musicians, comedians, or magicians can be found on every street block, there are even fireworks twice a week. Bicycle rentals are popular and they have their own stretch of cement dedicated to just them. There’s  kite flying, pier fishing, and beach volleyball, bungee jumping and amusement rides, and did I mention there is some serious shopping.

Not to be ignored are the Military planes, F-16s, helicopters, and stealth’s vibrate the entire area as they roar overhead practicing maneuvers daily from a nearby base.

The pelicans are fun to watch dive-bombing into the ocean for their meals. Hawks fly by often with a flapping fish in their talons. Dolphins play in the waves just a few yards from people boogie boarding.

As we near the end of our vacation…

We’ll have…Fun, Fun, Fun, until the hotel manager takes our room key away…

This was truly a trip not to ever to be forgotten.

Thank you to the special loves in my life for the invite.

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