I have added another breathtaking treasure to my collection. An extra exquisite, one of a kind, thumb ring with a whole lot of sentimentality.

I’ve searched in many places for just the right ring–to no avail. They were to large, gaudy or loose once they went over my knuckle.

One day when I was organizing my jewelry box, the perfect solution came to mind . I reverently opened the container with Mom and Dad’s jewelry.  Mom’s engagement ring, void of any stones was on top. This is because, she had the three diamonds removed and had them made into a gold pendant and earrings, which were also in the box. (What an ordeal, but that’s another story for another time.)  Her band had worn so thin after fifty years of marriage, she was terrified of losing it or the diamonds. I remember placing Dad’s wedding ring in this box after he passed away last year, wondering at that time, whatever am I going to do with these?


I would take Mom’s empty engagement ring, the gold pendant and earrings, her Mother’s ring, and Dad’s wedding band and have a thumb ring made. I needed a trustworthy place and designer to do this. My brother and sister-in-law highly recommended their jeweler after I shared my thoughts with them.  I know in my heart that this decision is so much better than having their sixty year symbol of love sit in my jewelry box, hidden in the darkness.  This ring I will wear and enjoy for all time, never to be taken off, as is the case with my other nine rings.

I don’t wear rings to show off my hands or elegant fingers because they are far from that. I have large knuckles, age lines, and finger nails that have always been problematic for me.

On both my hands, encompassing each finger and thumb is a ring, a special ring of gold, silver, or multicolored metals, some with diamonds, all coming from different people and places, all carrying a special memory of love or in one extraordinary case, much- needed- hope. These rings have in one way or another changed my life and have helped  me become the person I am today.


Rings of Life

IMG_1817 (619x453)

Mom’s Diamonds

The lovely white diamonds were Mom’s, the gold from both my parent’s wedding bands and the purple diamonds are equal to a quarter carat and were added for balance and color. I’m ecstatic! Who would have guessed there were such a thing as purple diamonds.

Yes, indeed I have the happiest thumb ever, surrounded by tons of love.

My ring was designed by AK Custom Creations (jewelry repair and design)

Happy Thumb

Happy Thumb







The owner or as I refer to him these days, as the  jewelry genius with over 35 years of experience is responsible for this exclusive piece . . .

Anthony Kulikowski,

If you have any jewelry needs, his information is below.


Phone   734-671-8020







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6 responses to “THE HAPPY THUMB

  1. quilts

    you are beautiful and so is your creative writing -makes me want to grab a tablet and pen and be another
    grandma Moses or …. do you have any free time coming up….



  2. Carol Simmons

    A person can tell the age of a tree by counting its rings. Wonder if that works for people? Now you have to ring up your toes so that when you walk, you jingle. Good idea?


  3. Hey Mel! This is Strngchs from ABD — just popping by everyone’s blog. Love the new ring idea. I recently gave my mother’s bridal set to my son for use when he gets ready to pop the question per my mother’s instructions. It is a lovely thing to repurpose our family gems 🙂


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