Touchy Feely Times Two

Has anyone ever touched you inappropriately in public? What would you do?

Here are two incidents that I know about. I thought it would be fun to create a poll and see what everyone thinks happened.

Incident one.

Once upon a time in a neighborhood mall, a lady with two small children asleep in a stroller sorted through a sale rack of clothes in one store, while her husband visited another store across the hall. This lady screams, the two babies begin crying, and a man the size of a quarterback wearing a d0-rag races towards the door laughing and disappears.

What do you think happened? Choose one answer below.


Incident two.

Once upon a time there was a volunteer usher who worked at an elaborate venue. All ushers for this particular theater are directed to wear black slacks or skirts with a white shirt and black jacket. They are all paid the same, zero dollars, with the perk of a free seat to enjoy whatever show is playing. Several ushers have extra assignments,  like watching the door during intermissions or standing out in the lobby to direct people to restrooms, elevators, drinking fountains, or answer any specific questions.

While standing in the center of the lobby near a statue during intermission, someone from behind this usher, feather kisses her ear while at the same time giving her left butt cheek a gentle squeeze.

What did this usher do? Choose one answer below.


Next week’s blog post answers, may surprise you.

Both these incidents based on true stories.






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