I’ve fished all my life and there’s nothing like . . . A Great Fishing Story, exaggerated or not! I enjoy hearing them all.

It’s been an exciting spring fishing season for my son. A few weeks ago he and a buddy had the privilege to fish alongside the professional Mark Martin in a tournament on the Detroit River. Of course, with our winter being so stubborn, there were several inches of snow piled on their boat at dawn, a frigid morning for sure. After a quick brush off, they were on their way, excitement warming them. Amazingly, within hours, before noon, all their limits had been caught and they were back on shore. These were some of the largest walleye my son had ever seen.  So along with some excellent fishing tips, a great experience was had, and an awesome memory embedded in his mind for life.

My spring fishing story.  I’ve caught three fish so far this season, they were mammoth. Take a look below. Even though they weren’t large enough to keep, I’m hoping the trend continues and I catch enough for a fish fry the next time up to the lake. I love my purple Mother’s Day gift lure and pink rod and reel. I’m sure it will produce better results in the near future.

Seasons 1st Fish

Seasons 1st Fish



Past Blog Updates

THE GARAGE SALE  last weekend was a huge success for all twelve people involved.

MY HUSBANDS ART SHOW is continuing on through most of June at the Scarab Club.

RAW VEGGIE JUICING ON DAILY BASIS is part of my life now. I feel wonderful and healthy and am a true believer in what we put in our bodies truly makes a difference. I love the many results.


May all of you celebrate this Memorial Weekend filled with gratitude, love, and pride for this absolutely amazing country we live in, and for all the service men and women that are responsible for that privilege.







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