Ready or Not, Here We Come!

We're Back

We’re Back






Electric at Dock

Electric at Dock








May 1st, marked a long a-waited date for me.  This would be our first full summer at the resort I fell in love with at the end of last June.

We’ve been anxiously waiting, wondering, and hoping all winter long that everything at our lake house would be alright when we returned to Holiday Shores Resort and RV Park and Golf Course located in Durand, Michigan. (Located between Flint and Lansing for anyone who loves to camp.) I prayed there would be no leaks or critters. We were pleased that there was neither. One of the best things about this campground is . . .  it’s just not that far away, (had to say it Ell)!

I was determined to be there on opening day whether it was snowing, raining, or close to freezing temperatures. Which any of those were quite possible here in Michigan on May 1st.

There was lots of small stuff to be done inside. The plumbing had to be turned on, the antifreeze pumped out, the furnace repaired, and the electric plugged in, the propane checked, and of course the wireless reinstated. Then there was a bit of spring cleaning, dusting, vacuuming, and some window washing. A special thanks shout-out to my dear friend Ellen for all your help. We got it all done in no time. It truly is looking like home now with touches of me through-out.

I’m also grateful to my husband for replacing a rusted metal winch and pole to get the pontoon in and out of the water. He put the canopy over the deck and  buried an electrical wire leading to the dock that had worked itself above ground.

Now all we need are some good friends, good books, some warm enough weather to sit outside, a fishing pole, and maybe an ice-cold beverage or two.  Ahhhhh!

The grill is out, Adirondack chairs cleaned and wood rack filled. I believe we are now ready to enjoy a fabulous fun-filled  SUMMER! Bring it on!

Where’s your favorite place to visit/camp over the summer?







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3 responses to “Ready or Not, Here We Come!

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  2. I love it Mel! Glad to hear there were no critters or leaks. 🙂 Here’s to lots of great writing in the sunshine!


    • Me too Jeanna. The mobile seems to be insulated well. Thank Goodness! I’m hoping this year I won’t be so distracted things that need to be done and will hopefully be able to begin my next book.


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