Our Annual Garage Sale Gala


May 16, 17, 18

May 16, 17, 18









Save the Date…Mark your Calendars... It’s that time of year again and I believe this will be the best sale to date.

This year it will be held three days, starting on Friday, May 16th beginning a day earlier than the annual Wyandotte City Wide.

Every Spring (and sometimes Fall) my two dear friends and neighbor ladies, Eva and Carol throw the best Garage Sale Gala ever! It is truly a wonderful gourmet collection of treasures coming from many different family members and friends. I’m not sure why, but it seems I end up purchasing more items than I take over to sell. Who can resist great bargains? Obviously not me!

I’ve been invited to join in their fun festivities for the past several years. We’ve always enjoyed catching up on a sunny weekend after what seems to be a never-ending winter, especially this year.  I have also had the privilege of sharing their awesome homemade lunches including Carol’s yummy ambrosia salad, Eva’s strawberry pretzel salad along with sloppy joes and a relish dish. Oh almost forgot the deserts of cookies, cakes, breads and the famous peanut butter balls. Too bad we can’t sell those Eva, you’d be a rich lady. (Sorry folks, the food isn’t for sale.) I only mentioned it  because it’s part of this annual experience.

What makes this sale so spectacular is . . . They only accept extra clean items, they are particular about what they accept, and are extremely organized. Everything is tested to see if it works and priced to sell at almost give-away prices.  People come back every year and comment on these things. If you have previous experience searching for treasures at these sorts of events, you probably know how fabulous and fun it is to hit a “clean sale“.

These two ladies begin preparing weeks in advance. They collect items, measure, mark and fold, they categorize. The garage is cleaned, the tables washed down, tents, umbrellas, racks, and benches set up. The boxes are unloaded and the items are placed with other like merchandise. It’s a ton of work, a ton of fun, and they have always had some unexpected surprises and pleasures that arise in these crazy days together.

Available at this years sale (so far)… Assorted knickknacks, towels/bedding, new toiletries, afghans, dishes, glasses, vases, silverware/utensils, toys, books, small appliances, exercise equipment, zen fountains, tools, outdoor decorations, ceiling fans, pictures, wall hangings, frames, purses, shoes, jewelry,  and so much more. Too much to list here.

To keep in mind for maybe an upcoming shower or gift . . . Carol creates exclusive exquisite hand-crafted baby bibs, quilts, baby blankets, hot pads, aprons and placements all at amazing prices. These items will be available on a special table while supplies last. (Carol, you can update this list in the comment section.)

Can’t wait to see everyone Garage Sale Galloping May 16, 17, 18th.

Okay, back to cleaning out closets, drawers, shelves, and jewelry boxes, asking myself, do I love it or is it taking up space, can I part with it? Hopefully the items I let go will find a new home and a new person to love them.

I will be posting again with the address and times in the near future.

If you are looking for something special, let me know. I can tell you if we have one or not.

May 16

May 16,17,18



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5 responses to “Our Annual Garage Sale Gala

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  2. Carol Simmons

    Also available at our craft table are adult bibs, altho we call them clothing protectors. Maybe you know someone who could use one. And ask about our tuits – everybody needs one!!


  3. Vicki Roarty

    I have given up rummage sales so it is a good thing I live too far away to go.
    Yours sounds like the greatest. Vicki Roarty


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