First Meetings

I truly enjoy meeting new people and this has been a great week for just that.

One person I met for the first time is our Michigan Representative, Paul Clemente. He happened to walk me and a very dear friend to my car after the Roosevelt High Schools National Honor Society’s Inductions. (Which, by the way, it was wonderful to see so many outstanding students giving our future such great hope. My congrats to the Distinguished Graduate Inductees also. Everyone of you have made a difference in this world for our children. The cookies were good too.)

As we walked, I asked about Paul’s Dad, Joe Clemente, remembering his father from our ladies bowling league in Lincoln Park many years ago. That question opened the gates and a stampede of life-long flashbacks began, like my first 200 game, my favorite flirtin’ bartender,  and the totally absurd sauerkraut bacon pizza that was so popular. I couldn’t believe there was such a thing and the thought of these  ingredients on a pizza made me shake my head, but when I finally got brave enough to try it, the robust flavor blend was utterly taste-bud popping and totally amazing. I am not even a sauerkraut fan. Okay, now my mouth is watering. Joe generously made sure this pizza was served at our banquets and the cheers were always loud when it arrived steaming at our table. Clemente’s was a super restaurant and bowling alley operated by Paul’s family for eighty years. I have so many fun-loving memories from that establishment, as I’m sure everyone from the downriver area and beyond does too. Sadly, it closed in June of 2010. There is a future reception planned to honor the Clemente’s, titled The legends of Lincoln Park. For further information, click on the link.

Paul informed me that his father is now eighty-eight years of age and doing fine, and as always is looking forward to their doubles night. We spoke of Pizza’s, business, and families, in the short distance we walked together. The thing that warmed my heart the most was the way he talked about his family and the importance of upholding the Clemente reputation that his great-grandfather set in place many years ago. His loyalty and family priorities all came out in these few minutes of conversation. Thank you Paul for all you’ve done and all you are still doing for our community and state as well.

The other gentleman I met this week briefly, is an artist, jewelry designer, and has a passion for the pipes. He plays and makes his own bagpipes. I couldn’t help but think what an interesting conversation and  person he was. I thought of tons of questions after he walked away.  My other thought, hmm, maybe this could be an article.  I have no idea how one would make bagpipes. Maybe he’ll agree to an interview and some photo’s of his creations.

I should have named this blog SURPRISE. You never know what will show up.

Have a great week everyone!



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