Anything Spring-Please

Anything Spring-Please.


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2 responses to “Anything Spring-Please

  1. Carol Simmons

    Hi Meline – just watched your post on Facebook.  My sister down in Kentucky keeps sending me pictures of brave spring flowers so I guess Mother Nature is doing her job even tho it must be difficult.  And I am sure that the birds get tired of having frozen worms for dinner every day.  Guess we just have to be patient and keep the faith.   On Facebook, my nephew posted a picture of a t-shirt that had a picture of a file drawer, like the ones that libraries used to have before computers, and underneath it said “never forget”.  I haven’t figured out of things are easier or more difficult nowadays.  My nephew has a degree in library sciences and has some important job in a library at (I think) Simmons College in Boston.  I don’t know what his title is, but we used to tease him saying that he went to college to learn how to become a library.  Maybe you could move to Boston and get a job there!  That could give you a whole new thing to fuss about!   I have heard some people tell about a craft or crochet/knitting group that meets at the library on Saturdays.  If so, could you send me confirmation, also the times of the meeting.   Hope things are going well with you.   Pretty soon it will be warm enough to walk outside again.  I have been walking round and round in my basement.  It is exercise, but so very boring.   Sending along a hug,


    • Hi Carol,

      The knitting group at the library meets every Sat. at 2. Maybe when we travel the East Coast, I’ll pop in and introduce myself to your nephew. Thanks for commenting. I’m so ready to walk outside again. It’s coming!


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