Mourning, Memories and Some TMI

This past week has been loaded with swirling thoughts and the weepys. I can’t seem to concentrate on anything but thinking about all the things that have happened since the funeral.

It’s been a year since Dad passed on February 23rd 2013, and that seems almost impossible. Where has the time gone? This question has brought many events to mind. Just when you think you are out of tears, somehow there are always more.

Some tears for the sad and devastating, others for the joyous and miraculous, but mostly it’s just called . . . LIFE. I remember my mom’s words, “You have to endure the hard times to truly appreciate the good times.”

Ray Miller


Since the funeral last Feb., here are a few highlights that stand out in chronological order.

Went through all the lawyer stuff, taking care of the legal financial documents, and transfers.

Cleaned out my parents home, making lots of donations and having a huge garage sale. (Mom and Dad would be happy with the outcome.)

Sold the house to two of the best people in the world.


Celebrated a special wedding in North Carolina with loved ones.

Praying daily for a precious young lady struggling with the after-affects of a brain tumor surgery and also for her entire loving family.

I’m so grateful I had two of my treasured loved ones with me to make my parents final destination . . . a perfect experience.

Love Doves

Love Doves





Found that dream place with an unbelievable water-view that my parents and I had talked about for the last decade. I refer to it as the love shack. (Probably not for the reason you may be thinking. I’ll save that story for a different day.)





Began submitting my middle grade novel (Holler’s Pond) to the first three publishers on my list. I will soon send it to the next three.

Six months ago, I dove into a new  job at the district library as a circulation clerk. Every direction I look, there are books. As everyone knows, who knows me,  I love writing words for books, talking about books, touching books, and most of all being around people that appreciate and adore books as much as I do.

I graduated from the Institute of Children’s Literature with my third  diploma.

Began working on my own health in October (exercising regularly and juicing my lunches for my high-risk cholesterol) It worked!

Also, I’ve been making an effort to work on my mental and spiritual health, which needed some desperate one-on-one attention. The self-help section at the library has gotten a work out.

Sending lots of love, daily, to a best friend, who has been displaced to hotel room due to her home and everything in it being water damaged and/or destroyed by broken pipes from the condo above.

A long time ushering friend lost her battle to cancer.

Joined a new six person on-line writing critique group that began in February 2014.

A new tiny bundle of joy was born into our group of friends recently. Congrats to all.

Bringing us to the present day with the realization that no matter what happens in our lives, or in the world, be it grand fun times or horrendous struggles . . .  time marches forward and we must somehow, someway,  make the best of our daily lives.

I’ll END with a bit of humor and the real reason I probably can’t concentrate is . . . I set up an appointment for, and am way BEHIND for my first . . .

 DREADED COLONOSCOPY . . .  <<click<< Someone sent me this article about Dave Barry’s experience. He has a way with words-for sure! If you haven’t read it and would like a chuckle, it’s worth the read.

Fingers crossed everything comes out okay this weekend. Sorry, had to squeeze in one last pun. UGH!



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4 responses to “Mourning, Memories and Some TMI

  1. Maryjo Maffessoli

    Hi Meline, it’s Maryjo from the library. I had a combination endo/colonoscopy last summer and the only hard part was mass quantities of liquid beforehand. I am a lightweight with anesthesia so I felt NOTHING before/during/or after. It was basically a breeze, so I hope you have the same experience.


  2. Thank you Maryjo, appreciate the positive response. Happy it’s done and over. I check it off my health list now. I’m good for ten more years. Yay!


  3. Hello
    I received something of yours in the mail regarding your manuscript. Please contact me at

    Kevin David Anderson


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