National Heart Month

I promised I would share my cholesterol blood work results with you, and I will. But first, I wanted to share one of the many testimonials that has kept me from breaking my one-a-day raw juice commitment.

A quick recap for those who haven’t read my previous posts. I first heard about the benefits of juicing and detoxing from a friend. She and her husband were amazed with the results in a short time. They originally began juicing for weight loss and were impressed by how much better they felt physically and mentally.

After seeing my friends outcome, I did my own research by reading many articles and books.  Juicing, Fasting and Detoxing for Life was the first one I read. It made such an impression on me I purchased a juicer and gave raw green juicing a try. This choice only came after exhausting all other attempts at lowering my extremely “high risk” numbers.

I have read how juicing cures about every ailment there is, and I thought that to be a bit to fantastic.  My only wish was to lower my cholesterol numbers, even a tiny bit for incentive to stay off prescribed medications.

Below is one testimony from a lady with the same problems I have.

Linda’s Heartwarming Story (Taken from the February 7th, Juice Lady’s weekly email letters.)

“I just returned from my cardiologist’s office and went over the results of my blood tests taken two days ago.  He was grinning ear to ear and said I was in his “Hall of Fame”!  Before and after: Total Cholesterol 241, now l58; Triglycerides 89, now 78, HDL 55, now 48, LDL 160, now …94. (ratio, 3.2) Then he said, ok, now sit down and tell me, what in the world did you do?  I’m not on statins, won’t take them, but wanted to see how much my lipids responded to a really good way to cleanse and then eat nourishing meals. After accomplishing the Trinity Wellness Retreat, we are all sooo on the right track to health and we should all be so proud of ourselves and talk about the retreat to our friends.  Five years ago, I was so scared and today my heart is happy and calm. In fact, I’m smiling right now, Father John! ~ Linda” (Note, Father John is the Juice Ladies husband)


Here are my facts and figures since February 8, 2014.

I began juicing raw vegetables on Oct 2, 2013 (one 10-16 oz a day) in place of lunch. I would have a granola bar or crackers and humus if I still felt hungry. (I eat my normal solid meals for breakfast and dinner)

Four months later, DRUM ROLL PLEASE . . .  my total cholesterol dropped not 10, not 20, or even 50 points, but dropped exactly a miraculous 100 points from where it was in April of 2013. That’s ONE HUNDRED points without taking any drugs! (Yes! Yes! Yes!  I haven’t stopped doing the happy dance since last Saturday.)

My good cholesterol increased from 66 to 80. It’s recommended for females to be higher than 50, males higher than 40.

And my Triglyceride levels that were out of control in the past . . . they are now within a  healthy range at (3.2)             Recommended = Less than 5 is desirable, less than 3.5 optimal. MINE ARE ABOVE OPTIMAL! Whew Hoo!

*Another added benefit since October 2nd is, I’m now nine pounds lighter.    click here   > Song bite

I’m so blown away with these results! I was hopeful, but still skeptical, considering all the struggles my mother went through trying to lower her cholesterol without ever succeeding, even taking the statins didn’t help her.

It’s official! This is no longer an experiment, but a definite LIFE CHANGE!

If you are interested in knowing more about raw juicing …  click the  Juice Lady’s name here  (Cherie Calbom) She has written over twenty books and is passionate to help people live a healthier lifestyle. She has quite a story. Worth the read! We have several of her books at the library. (hint!)




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  2. Cyndi

    I am so happy for you! Simply fantastic.


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