AHHHH! Stess Relief and Fun

Reflexology! Happy Valentines to ME!

I learned what this word meant two years ago and I’ll never forget the (almost out of  body)experience. I discovered reflexology when I was searching for ways to relieve some of the stress in my life at that time.

My emotions were running a-muck, my joints hurt, and there was so much tension in my neck and shoulders it was difficult to turn my head. My legs seemed jittery all the time, even when I was trying to sleep.  I know many of you probably recognize these signs and are going through or have gone through similar circumstances. Everyone’s  journey runs into adversity somewhere along the paths. I highly recommend this form of healing, pampering, escape and replenishing some of your bodies energies.

You work hard, worry too much and need to do this for yourself! It makes life happier! It makes you forget all your troubles – at least for a little while. It is truly an escape from reality.

My reflexologist’s number is below if you want to give her a try to sooth your soles & souls!

In the past, I’ve tried the partial and whole body massage, facials, and even acupuncture. I’m not saying anything negative about any of these services, they have all had some benefits. But, by far, my favorite is reflexology. I have discovered a very gifted person who works out of the Total Health Foods store in Wyandotte. Her name is Deanna Vallie and she with her soft voice, dimly lit room, flowing waterfalls, an extremely gifted hands, truly melts the stress away.

Reflexology is science based and is known to relieve tension and improve circulation. This specific technique helps to nourish the blood supply through our bodies and flush out toxins. Deanna has helped many clients with various problems ranging from arthritis, blood pressure, varicose veins, along with stress from daily life.

She focuses on the hands and feet touching and applying light pressure to certain relax points.(See chart below) As you sit in the tall cushy, comfy chair Deanna puts a hot flannel lavender-scented rice bag around your neck and shoulders-Ahh! She then allows your feet to take a heated jacuzzi bath in scented water while massaging your hands and arms. Once done with your arms, the music is clicked on and a short story ensues. The chat is over and you close your eyes. Rhythmic sounds of water and nature music transport you to that very happy place. Deanna lifts your feet onto a fluffy towel and that magical forty-five minute journey begins. Trust me when I say, you never want this experience to come to an end.

Thank you Deanna for all that you do with your gift. I’m so happy you are in my life!


Deanna Vallie


Call for an appointment, you won’t be disappointed!

Total Health Foods – (734) 246-1208

Deanna’s Cell – (734) 770-0856

Reflexology chart






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2 responses to “AHHHH! Stess Relief and Fun

  1. Carol Simmons

    Meline – I read your latest post and couldn’t help but notice the name of the reflectologist. I don’t think she is any relation to my next door neighbor, but she has the same last name. His name is Garold Vallie, but far as I know, he only has one stepson. Eva and I have been having some interesting experiences with our Yahoos. I hope it is not a permanent situation. I did change my password, again, and so far so good. Thanks for your help in times of confusion. Take care, keep warm, don’t fall down and go boom on the ice. Hugs, Carol


  2. Barri Szabo

    This is exactly what I have been looking for….been thinking of different stress-relievers and this is perfect. Thank you, Meline, so much for sharing your experience…so very helpful <3.


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