The Good, The Bad, and The Fabulous Deal!

THE GOOD! I had to return a Christmas present, certainly not because I wanted to. It was a lovely black and white, small patterned, double-breasted tweed winter coat, large black buttons and a tie belt. It hung to just above my knee.  A gift from my wonderful in-laws. It fit so well, I would have believed a tailor created it to my body specs. I only wore it maybe three times and received many compliments.

THE BAD! One day on arriving home from errands, I quickly hung my new coat over the chair in my rush to make it to the bathroom. (I know I’m not the only one that does this!)  Later, I noticed there was a loose thread. When I grabbed the thread, I discovered  a three-inch hole stretching along the seam.  The weave was frayed and would be difficult for me to repair. It hadn’t been ninety days since the purchase and I still had the receipt. All I could do was hope they had another one. So, my husband and I drove almost an hour to the closest Wilson’s Leather Store. I make this sound like such an inconvenience, but in reality, we both enjoy shopping and any excuse to go to Great Lakes Crossing suits me.

Well, being the middle of January, I didn’t expect much. They had sold all but one of the style I was returning and of course it was an extra small. And, as you all know the only thing I wear in that size is my carpal tunnel wrist guard.  The enthusiastic sales lady said, “Look around, we have the best deals right now. You will find something!” I tried on a few more tweeds but didn’t like them as well. The style and comfort weren’t there.

THE FABULOUS DEAL! I was ready to get my money returned, then I spotted a black leather hanging higher on the wall. It was as soft as flower petals and light in weight. The jacket fit perfect and was close to the exchange price. I was happy. But wait there’s more . . . when we got it up to the register the lady said it was half off the sale price. Gee, I had enough money to look for something else and I’ll be darned, I found a caramel colored brown leather, smooth, a bit shorter, sitting just below the hip, and light weight also. Both coats have gold zippers and great design in the stitching, both fronts and backs. The sales lady was so happy for me that she sent me to the rear of the store to see if I could find a purse to match for eighty percent off.

You know I did! An eighty dollar purse for ten bucks. I almost did the “happy dance” right there!

Another thank you goes out to my in-laws for the fabulous Christmas gift(s).

Shopping in January, isn’t so bad!

Have you found any great deals?

Share please! I would love to hear about them.

Presents X 2 plus

Presents X 2 plus

IMG_1499 (640x480)

Coat Deals!

IMG_1500 (640x603)

Clearance Sale



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5 responses to “The Good, The Bad, and The Fabulous Deal!

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  2. Carol Simmons

    Meline – hope you didn’t get too excited and hurt yourself. Sounds like you had a good day. Good days are good things and they don’t happen often enough.


  3. Maryjo Maffessoli

    Hi Meline, you’re funny. And you use telling descriptives. I ALWAYS shop clearance, combined with other promotional deals, and end up paying 70-90% off the original price. Of course it supercedes impulse buying for the most part. FYI I am an accomplished seamstress so if you ever need anything mended, altered, or custom made, or can refer any such business my way, I would be most grateful. See you at the circulation desk, Maryjo Maffesoli


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